Guest Blogger: Amanda from A. CO est. 1984

I hope that you are enjoying the guest posts and the diversity that everyone is bringing! I was SO excited when Amanda told me that she wanted to talk about being single. I had been reading her blog for over a year before really connecting with her when I realized that we were in very similar places in life. She inspires and motivates me to work out AND date! Plus she is living life to the fullest! I hope you love her as much as I do! 

Hello in the fashion lane readers! I'm Amanda from A.Co est. 1984 and here to talk about the positives on being single.
Having become recently single, I'm slowly self-navigating through this world we call 'dating', for the first time... well... ever.

At first, I have to admit (which I hate to admit) I was scared.  Scared to be alone.  Scared to be lonely.  And scared to just not have that cushion, that comfort, that person to spend Friday and Saturday nights with, eat meals with, and someone to call after a long day.  I would categorize myself as a 'relationship person' but now having a taste of the single life, I'm really enjoying my new found freedom.  Once you get past the 'scariness' of being alone, and sometimes feeling lonely, it can be quite wonderful if you look at it optimistically.

Turns out, being single is pretty awesome!

Here are some of the things that could be negative about single, that I've turned to a positive:

* Alone time.

Being alone is not a bad thing, in fact, it's a wonderful thing.  Sure, there may be some lonely nights or times, but no pain lasts forever.  You can fill your time any which way you choose: friends, chores, reading, your favourite tv show, a hobby you enjoy, playing organized sports and more.

For me, I love my alone time to blog, sew and basically, 'Do whatever the heck I want'.

* Answering to one person (and one person only): yourself.

When in a healthy relationship, you need to be courteous about where you are, who you're with and what you're doing.  Single?  Nope!  Zilch, zero, no one. 

How about this: you want to spend time with the opposite sex... 

Is there anyone to get jealous?  No. 
Is there anyone to question you endlessly when you get home?  No.
Is there anyone to answer to?  No.

The only person you have to explain anything to is yourself, and technically you already know the story so no explaining necessarily and I've just saved you a whole bunch of time.  A win win!

* Dating.

Dating can be fun, exhilarating, nerve-wracking and a little scary too.  However, most of all, it should be enjoyable and a learning experience.  Enjoyable because you get to meet new people, experience new things and at the very least, go out, have a drink (or meal) and hopefully some nice conversation.

A learning experience as you will learn all kinds of things about yourself.  Whether you like Type A guys, or someone who is a car fanatic, someone who spoils you with gifts, or someone who is into sports.  You will learn what you like and definitely what you don't like, all to further prepare you to potentially meet, 'The One' and know it when you see it.

(In favour of this Flirty Thirty 'Single' post, I have included some of my favourite photos that have been taken since I've been single).

 Being a passenger on the type of motorcycle I covet.
 Date outfit.
 Driving a boat for the first time ever.
 Flowers from a boy (but not a boyfriend).
 Getting my dance on.
 Getting my workout on.
 Learning how to do a handstand.
 Going out with my girlfriends.
 Winning a Vlogger Contest at my local mall.


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