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I am so happy that Amber, of Sweet Emotions Make Up Artistry, wanted to write a post for me. She has been such a huge supporter of me, my style and my blog. She leaves thoughtful and kind comments that truly make my day. I love that she is an expert in beauty because I have a lot that I can learn from her! We have similar taste in clothing and she picked some great pieces that we should ALL have in our closets this fall!


Lust List

I'm so excited to be guest posting for Mandy! One of the things I love about Mandy's style is how she mixes high and low-end pieces together and makes it all look so effortless. I'm still working on that as well as my ever evolving sense of style as I "ahem" get older.
One of the things I love most about fall fashion is all the different options one has.

I love the idea of mixing old with new and getting inspiration from the runways, to the blogs and then interpreting those ideas for my own life.
Being a SAHM/makeup artist and writer means I wear a lot of different hats at once and I definitely want to look my best at all times, while still being appropriately dressed for the occasion.

My style would best be described as California casual chic.
I like to keep it simple since I have a 7 month old baby but still be stylish when I meet with clients, have lunch with my mommy friends or go on a quick date with my husband.
I also like to keep it affordable!

This fall there are a few pieces that I absolutely must add to my wardrobe to punch it up and take it to that next level so I can easily go from carpool to cocktails!

1) Wedge booties: the perfect mix between a high heel and flat boots! Stylish enough to keep the look polished and trendy yet comfortable to wear while I run around with the kiddos. Also a plus - they can be worn with everything from a dress to shorts to jeans!
2) Faux Leather Leggings: While I would love to say I would wear leather leggings I just don't think that's practical with my life. But these faux leather ones are just perfect. Not too shiny and gives me the same versatility as regular leggings. These can go from afternoon carpool to drinks with the girls with a quick change of shoes!
3) Leopard/Cheetah Print Scarf: Animal print is always on trend. Scarves are a great way to spice up a look without too much fuss and this fun print adds sass to any outfit.
4) Studded Flats: The smoking loafer is all the rage these days as are studded anything. Why not combine the two? I love a little edge on a classic piece.
5) Military Utility Jacket: Must have. I mean, army green and a ton of pockets? Where do I sign up? I've seen different versions of this jacket all over the web and love how it's styled both casually and added to more glamorous ensembles. The versatility of this piece is endless and I can't wait to add it to my closet!

What are some items you're looking to purchase this fall?

check out the blogs and leave a comment! http://swtemotions.blogspot.com - for all things Beauty http://sweetpeazcorner.blogspot.com - to see whats happening with the Dorsey's


  1. Love the look! The booties & leather leggings are a must right now! xo

  2. Great items Amber! I love studded shoes, and the military jacket is great too!

  3. The booties are something that I need to try out if just for their versatility! Great picks Amber!

  4. Just came across your blog. I love it! I agree with all her Fall things. I especially love the legging!

  5. ummmm that sounds exactly like my fall wishlist!


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