Ninety Two...What?

It is official...
There are only 92 days left in 2012.
Yup... Wow!

The only reason that freaks me out is that I know that I only have three months left to hit my goal weight. Holy Hell! 20 pounds in three months, during Holiday Season, is quite a daunting task. I revealed in my last post that I was going Gluten Free for the month of October to see if it will make a difference in how I feel, my weight loss and my overall health. I have not been told I have Celiac's disease, nor have I been checked for it. I just know how my body processes certain types of foods and complex carbohydrates are not my friend. Today is DAY ONE. Wish me luck!

A couple weeks ago I revealed that I would be starting a new job (part time) as a Project Manger for Pollinate Media Group. I wanted to thank everyone for the congrats emails, tweets and comments. I am so excited to take on a new project in an area that I am passionate about and have the opportunity to work with so many bloggers and GREAT companies. I start training today and I am just so beyond excited!!

I know that I am not a "big time" blogger by any stretch of the imagination BUT I reached 200 Google Friend Connect followers.
Look over there ----------------------------->
I am seriously beyond flattered that anyone besides my mom cares to read what I write, follow along on my fitness journey, want my opinion on dating and likes to see how I present myself through personal style. I have been blogging for over four years, in fact this blog's third birthday is in a couple weeks, and I love having this outlet to share my heart and connect. A huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you. I have been so blessed through blogging and it is because of you.
(And I feel like I just gave an Oscar speech. Haha. Is that lame?)

 A few outfit pics to prove that I still get dressed and take pics of myself. Haha. All of these clothes are older and no longer available so if you want to know specifics leave me a comment and I will reply. 

  I will be back to regular scheduled blogging two weeks from today. I have partnered with a couple new brands so I have some cool outfit posts/reviews to share. I also have been dating and have some fun experiences to write about. In the interim I have some incredible bloggers Guest Posting until then!
I hope that you will all come back and read their posts, give them some comment love and visit their blogs. I hope that they are NOT people that you read on a daily basis so that you discover some new blogs to read. :)

-Tuesday is Amber from Amber Nicole,
- Wednesday is Tera from Tera Rae Stephens
- Thursday is Amanda from A. Co. est 1984

Happy Monday and Happy 1st of October!
Here's to a GREAT month!


  1. yay you're back! hope your new job is amazing and you just absolutely love it there! those outfits are incredible, you look so great in them!! i'm very interested in how you feel going gluten free

  2. congrats again on the new gig! sounds like so much fun! can't wait to read all the guest posts!

  3. you seriously look so great! I am EXCITED to watch your journey unfold as you push towards your goal! I feel like it's one of those things where "shoot for the moon, at least you'll be among the stars" (I know that's not the full quote, haha)- but you get my vibe? you will do great. and seriously- you already look so great!!!!!

  4. ok seriously you're so inspiring - you have kicked ass this year, now I need to get my shit together and catch up
    Xo Megan

  5. Lady, you are looking so good! Can't wait to read more about the new gig.

  6. You look flipping fantastic! I am so proud of you & how hard you've worked! It's inspiring to me. It's no wonder you have 200 people who want to read your blog. You are a rock star. Prayers for you these last 3 months. You can do it!


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