Guest Blogger: Amber from Amber Nicole

 Hey everyone... I have some blogger friends posting for me this week and next week while I get back into a routine. First up is amber. She was one of the first people to consistently comment on my blog. She is a mom from Colorado who keeps me in the know on all the best deals at Old Navy! She also knows my style SO well. I have been DYING to buy this vest. It is so me!


Hello Fashion Laner's!

I'm Amber! 

I blog over at the newly remodeled Amber Nicole! I am known to some (well, one) as mommy and everyone else knows me as the over priced cupcake eater that can dress others but can't dress herself! Haha. I've recently just gotten back into blogging after a personal vacation was needed and I started a link up called Fitness Friday. Y'all should come join in!

So, Mandy said something like "have fun on my blog"...I may or may not be adding words into her mouth/email but we'll pretend that was what the entire email said! Haha

While most of you are fashionistas and are like "I can dress myself" or like "I don't need outfit ideas", I'm going to do one of those posts. I feel the need to show off the amazingness that came through my email.

How amazing is that vest? It's the Stylemint Windsor Vest.

I am in lurve.

When I first saw this email, I was like "Self, you need this for your mountain excursion next weekend!" I mean, can you imagine that with some long sleeves underneath, black leggings and wicked cute boots?

The email showed this outfit:

How amazing is that outfit? 

Ugh, I could just die.

Although, not practical for the mountains, it just shows how much more versatile this vest sweater thing really is! 

I need this stat!

You do too! Haha

If you haven't joined StyleMint, you can do so here!


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