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If you are a new reader I decided to write a monthly post about my fitness goals, trials and triumphs. I also throw some cute work out outfits into the posts every now and then. You can read my older Fashionista Fitness posts here. I am so excited to share my journey with you.

I have officially completed almost nine months of working out 4-5 days a week. Time has flown by and I am really proud that I have stuck to a routine, and made working out and eating healthy a part of my life. I will not say that it has been easy and it definitely has not been sunshine and rainbows. Lol. It is hard, continues to get harder yet it is SO fulfilling. 

This past month I really just focused on Cardio. My gym just opened a new, fancy location and having a TV on my cardio equipment has made the HUGEST difference. I do an hour of cardio without giving it a second thought. At least twice a week I do an hour and half to an hour and forty five minutes of cardio. I try and plan my work outs around shows that I want to watch and go from there. It may sound silly but it works. I make sure to always switch up my routines. I tried a Pure/Cardio Barre class and really enjoyed it. It is a mix of dance and Pilates but on crack. It is extremely face paced but fun. I need to go a few more times to really feel like I have a handle on the exercises to work the correct muscles. I have spent a lot more time with Jonathan this past month and he has been working me like no other. Such a focus on muscle toning, cardio and pushing myself to do more. I have loved it.

My diet continues to be my biggest focus. In fact I am going to try something for the month of October to see if I see a big change in my body and the way I feel. I am going to go Gluten Free. I am sure it will be a challenge but I think it is the edge that I need to really hone in on my belly fat. My family tends to carry our weight in the mid section. We are not super curvy, we have longer torso's and short waists. We all have seen great results when we tried fad diets like Atkins, HCG etc. which are diets that have very limited to no carbs (and are not healthy nor easy to maintain). I have a TON of research to do, I am hoping to find a good support system and I am going to have to mentally talk myself through this. If any of you have any suggestions, recipes or advice I would L-O-V-E to hear it! 

The one thing that I really want to share with you this month is the weird body changes that I NEVER expected. Don't read that wrong, I knew and NEEDED my body to change but it happened in ways and areas that I didn't anticipate. So I thought I would share with you some little tid bits!

1. My Boobs have shrunk almost two sizes! Now I know that this happens to a lot of people, I do. I just never thought it would happen to me. I have always had boobs (I even had a breast reduction when I was 20) and I didn't start seeing a change until about a month and a half ago. I lost 32 pounds before losing an ounce in my chest. It is so bizarre to me. To be really honest, I hate it. I don't like how they look and I don't like being small there. If only we could pick and choose where we lose the weight from.

2. Stretch Marks are beginning to appear in the oddest of places. It is very common for the skin to do that when you lose or gain a lot of weight quickly. I have just found them in places that I didn't think I had lost a lot of weight or just seemed kind of random. My outer thigh, the sides of my stomach, my inner, upper arm and my cleavage have all suffered from those silvery lines. I have no clue if they will go away or lighten over time but I hope they do.

3. Acne, Smelling and Sweat...Oh my! You guys, I have zits like I did when I was 13. I smell SO bad after a work out. And I sweat like a whore in church. I have to admit that none of this is that surprising, just GROSS! I rush home to take my work out clothes off, I shower more than I ever have and I use a mask 3-4x a week. I do what I can to prevent the grossness but inevitably it still happens. I wish I was that girl that looked pretty after a work out, that I could go to work/lunch/appointment without having to shower and do my hair or just not smell!

Check out this scene from one of my favorite shows...
Start at :19 and ends at 1:09. I swear what she says out loud is what I think the whole time in my head!
 SO funny, right?!? Lol.

I am down 38.5 pounds, getting closer to my goal of 60 pounds by 12/31/12.
I am obviously seeing some differences in my body and I am officially buying smaller clothes. Slowly but surely plugging away.

- Start a Gluten Free diet
- Lose 5 pounds by 10/31/12
- Keep up with intense cardio
- Continue muscle toning with Jonathan

As always, I leave you with some Fitness humor...


  1. kudos to you for keeping up with all your hard work! I've been wanting to try a cardio barre class but need to find one closer to my casita.
    I am a HUGE Newlyweds fan (I have all the DVD's)and that whole portion cracked me up.I feel the same way when I do 40minutes of Jillian or anything that makes me sweat. Now I must go watch them all.
    and that last quote is HIL-ARIOUS. I used to work with those people and it would kill me.

  2. Mandy -- I'm so proud of you!!! I to am on that endless cycle. I hit a plateau and stay there for 3-4 months, and then finally start loosing again! Thanks for sharing your story. I think I might just have to try gluten free in October and see if it works!!!

  3. So proud of you! you have been on such a journey and it's beyond awesome. Love, love, love!!!! The boob thing I'm familiar with, the boobs are always huge when I gain weight and tiny when I lose it, so weird! haha. and that jessica simpson video was hilarious, I forgot how open she always was with her bodily functions, ahahha. I would never tell a trainer to 'not go back there'. ahah.

    the acne thing is SO annoying! I hate that.

    Proud of you!!!

  4. Every single time I read your fitness posts I am so impressed with how hard you've been working. It says so much about your determination. I know you will definitely achieve your goal! Keep up all the hard work!


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