Flirty Thirty: Dating Profile Pet Peeves

Happy Friday, friends!
I am going to start off the weekend with a Flirty Thirty post. It has been a few months since I have written on the subject and a few of you asked if I was still writing it. I am. Although the last few months have been a roller coaster on my personal dating journey. It is hard to be open, honest and real in the moment without getting to personal or giving too much away. I respect the people that I am dating too much to share more than necessary. I continue to learn about myself through the process along with the pros and cons of dating and relationships. It is hard work and exhausting!

This pic is the Story of my Life. HA!
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Oh, online dating. It is the way of the world these days. Online dating is great in so many ways, and frustrating in others. As I have been dating through online websites for months I thought it would be fun to discuss some of my pet peeves. Specifically focusing on the profiles. I have no one else to bitch and moan to about the ridiculous things I see and read, so I hope that you find the humor in it! 

Profile/Screen Names
Everyone has to come up with a name. I totally understand that it is kind of awkward, you want to find a way to differentiate yourself from the millions of others and have it somewhat describe you. But men take this to a whole new level. I refuse to look at some profile's because of their ridiculous screen name. Let me share a few with you... tell me what you think! I have had the following men message me: BlackAnaconda, HugeHarry, TigerWoods225, Hung8782, Casanova6969. Should I go on? I will say this once, if you have come up with a name that could be misconstrued as describing genitalia, represents men who have CHEATED on their wives or have sexual connotations, I am not going to give you the time of day. I am going to assume that you are probably not the kind of guy that I will trust with my heart or want to introduce to my family.

Far Away or Non Face Profile Pictures:
Warning... Any profile you look at notifies the person that you were looking. Knowing that, I try not to look at profiles of guys that I know I am not attracted to, so that I do not give them the idea that I am interested. I SWEAR guys know this and intentionally choose profile pics that show their whole body (generally with a scene behind them or something) so that you cannot see their face (and sometimes I cannot even tell their nationality/race) forcing you to click on their profile to see other pics. OR they choose a pic of their side profile, wearing a hat and glasses or showing off their torso. It drives me bonkers! Post a pic of yourself smiling and close enough that I can see your features.

Pics of Abs, Muscles or looking NAKED:
I completely understand that many guys are looking to get laid, for a one night stand or a friend with benefits. But WHY do you the guys that say they are looking for a relationship or love feel the need to post those types of pics? A girl can tell if you have a decent physique with your clothes on. Leave something to surprise us with. I won't even go into the pics of guys in the bathroom when they clearly just stepped out of the shower...

Not Reading Profiles:
It is so disappointing to receive an email from a guy that is attractive, to then read his profile and find that you have NOTHING in common. Clearly he wrote you based on your pictures and didn't take the minute or two to read about who I am, what my interests are or what I am looking for. Sure, it is flattering but why waste time? Guys... read the profile, don't message someone if you aren't aligned with anything the girl is looking for. So many guys are not looking for anything serious, don't want kids and hate the type of music/sports/activities that I like. What do they think that we would have to talk about or do? Weird.

Canned Messages:
I love, love, love when I receive a canned message. It makes me laugh. Seriously. I find it hysterical that they are that lazy that they have to cut and paste a message. If you cannot tailor a first impression message, you are not going to be able to handle being with a person who pays attention to the details. Even better... when they forget they have messaged you already and send the same exact message, again. Geniuses!

Sending Multiple Messages:
I mentioned before that I do not respond to 98% of the messages I receive. It may sound mean but I don't have the time and I don't feel like I owe anyone anything. My personal rule is that I will respond to someone and let them know I am not interested if they message me three times. There are some tenacious guys out there! I have had many guys message and message. Most stop after they receive my response. Some are even nice enough to respond back and wish me the best (since I say that when I express my disinterest). A couple have been extremely rude and go out of their way to put me down (clearly I dodged a bullet with those guys. Haha. I mean, is putting me down going to change my mind? Uh, no!). And a few seem to ignore my disinterest and continue to message with questions and random facts. WHY????? 

I am working on convincing myself....

There you have it. All of my Dating Profile Pet Peeves listed in one happy post! Totally makes you wish you were in my shoes, right? LOL. Honestly, the process has been pretty good to me. I have way more good things to say then the bad. But these pet peeves are noticed on a daily basis. Boys are an interesting breed. 

So how many of you can relate? Does anyone have any fun/awful stories that you would like to share in the comments section? This series is WAY MORE fun when I know that I am not alone.

I hope that you all have a FABULOUS weekend.

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