What I Wore: Minty Leopard

It is about that time in So Cal when it's not super hot yet it is not cold either. You scramble to find ways to still wear some of your Summer clothes while trying to transition into Fall/Winter. I always have the hardest time getting dressed because I never know what to put together.

This outfit was kind of a last minute, thrown together look. I hadn't worn jeans for months and I wanted to wear my mint jeans before they became "too summery". I thought that pairing them with leopard print would make them a little more transitional. This blouse is really easy to wear and goes with everything. It will be perfect for layering when it is actually cooler out. And honestly...the more I look at these pics, the less I like the way these jeans look! I hate that. Haha!

Minty Leopard

What I Wore:

Blouse: Old Navy (sold out in leopard, comes in other prints)
Belt: Michael Kors (similar)


  1. I love how this is your 'thrown together, don't know what to wear' outfit. haha- you look great!!! Seriously. Per the usual. I love that fashion is so effortless for you (even if you claim otherwise). You look great pretty lady!

  2. i love that you "throw together" a look and it's fabulous!

  3. mint and leopard are two of my favorites and this outfit is adorable. seriously, i want to borrow it!

    thanks for your sweet note today, it cheered me up!

  4. Of course you know I love my leopard :) & pairing it with the mint is a little bit of an unexpected combo, but I like it! Thanks for linking up to Real Girl Style!

  5. Love the leopard! I'm obsessed with it this season! You can throw so many things with it and it's adorable!!

  6. Mint and leopard make a great combo!


  7. I always struggle to dress during the transition months. I love the mint and leopard combo. Stopping by from the Pleated Poppy link up.
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  8. Minty leopard - cute!

    Popped in from Real Girl Style linkup.


  9. Again! You look great! The jeans fit you perfectly! :)

    The Fashionable ESQ



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