What I Wore: Stripes and Showers

Wow... My schedule is SO off. I am trying to balance everything out and it is not easy! I always think I have a ton on my plate until I think about my friends that are married AND have kids that get more done than I do. Perspective! This week is already flying by. 

I wanted to share my look from my sister's baby shower on Sunday. I saw this dress online and it sold out immediately. No joke. So I called and went to 5+ stores looking for it. No one had my size. I had given up. Then I had to return a couple things that I had bought online and decided to check one more time. I found the dress in my size although it had the wrong ticket and hanger! Luckily I know to always check tags first. I am having a huge love affair with red and navy right now. I am drawn to anything that looks patriotic or nautical. I think it is because the Olympics start on Friday! I am SO excited. The Summer Olympics are my favorite!! Back to the outfit... Gold accessories and my go to cognac sandals completed the look! I had to drive home after the shower and I made sure to stop at a couple coastal view points along the way. The beach is my happy place and I needed to clear my head :)

Stripes and Showers

What I Wore:

Bracelets: Kendra Scott 'Lucca' and 'Leanne' (Similar combo)


  1. see now I saw this in the store and was like 'meh' and now I see it on you and it's like....ooooh thats cute!!
    lol! what a great color combo on you and it looks so breezy!

  2. Got to love Old Navy!! Honey don't worry I am married with children am in the same place that you are.

  3. You look great and so does your sister! love the pictures by the water.

  4. You look soo cute! I love oLd Navy too!

  5. adorable!! love the accessories too :)

  6. greetings from pleated poppy...love the look...Old Navy such a bargin & cute! perfect look to show your olympic spirit!

  7. This dress was definitely worth all the work of hunting it down!! Looks so great!

  8. i love how determined you are about shopping! i wanted that same dress so badly and i couldn't find it my size anywhere either :(

    you look fabulous as always!

  9. Just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! : )


  10. so cute,love that dress......have seen it at ON a few times...seeing your post makes me want it more! haha! following you now:)

  11. You & your sister are soooo pretty! And how amazing is that backdrop for your fabulous dress! And it's especially nice when you find it unexpectantly!! :)
    Nikki at Bedazzles After Dark

  12. what a cute and comfy dress!


  13. love the dress! you and your sister looks cute together too :) i saw it in our Old navy and was soooo into it but was only on a quick stop for flip flops- next time it was gone! I'm glad SOMEONE got it! :) following you now! :)
    sharde @ the style projects

  14. Dear Mandy,
    Can I have your dress?
    K, thanks!


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