What I Wore: Chambray and Citron


It has been a helluva week.
I try to keep things upbeat, yet real and honest, on the blog.
I don't have the most positive things to share. Between a "break up", a two day power outage at my home, stress and a migraine it is tough to be sunshiney today. SO I am headed off for a girls weekend. Just what the doctor ordered. I truly hope that each and every one of you had a WAY better week than I did and that you all have an incredible weekend!

This outfit was a total after thought. I was awoken from my nap, trying to get rid of the migraine, by a big bang. I thought someone had been shot. Nope...just a transformer and pipe bursting in the neighborhood. Power went out, and that meant resting in a cool place was no longer possible. A quick call to Edison saying that power will be out until at least 11pm told me that I had to find somewhere else to rest. Since most of my friends work I had a couple hours to kill before I could go lay on someone elses couch. I decided to run a few errands and stop at Starbucks to charge my iPhone and iPad. Yup...desperate times call for desperate measures. I haven't worn these shorts much and know that they are a hard color to match. Luckily my trusty old Chambray button up goes with everything. I paired the look with my neutral leopard sandals and ran out the door. My hair is a mess, I have not a drop of make up on so large sunnies were a must. A somewhat pulled together look after being roused out of bed. Plus the glasses helped with the migraine. Win win!

Chambray and Citron

What I Wore:

Shorts: Old Navy (Similar in color... Here, Here and Here)
Sunnies: Michael Kors 'Marissa' (Similar)


  1. For throwing this together at the last minute, you definitely look fabulous! Chambray is basically perfect with anything and those shoes are too cute. I hope you have a fabulous weekend that wipes out the bad week!!!

  2. Sorry your week totally sucked- perfect timing for a girls weekend! Amazed you can look so fab even with a migraine- I have any type of headache and I am in yoga pants and dead to the world until it is gone- can't handle 'em. Love the whole look, chambray is always a total win!

  3. I hope this week is going better for you! You look pretty amazing for having a migraine! I can't even get out of bed when I have one.

  4. I would say those shorts could brighten up any day! I hope that you had a nice relaxing weekend and that this week will go better. Stopping over from the blog hop. Looking forward to reading more :)

  5. you are just the cutest! that combo is great

  6. stopping by from Real Girl Glam great casual look & chambray is a staple it goes with everything



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