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HAPPY Memorial Day!
I hope that you all are enjoying the long weekend with your families and loved ones. I am so THANKFUL to live in a country that is protected by brave and selfless men and women. THANK you to those that serve, have served and that sacrificed for Americans.

It has been awhile since I posted a mani on the blog. For those of you that don't know, I gave up getting regular mani/pedi's about a year ago after a career change. I do my own and think I have gotten pretty good at it. I change my nail color every 5-6 days and LOVE trying out the latest trends and colors. It is the easiest way to go trend crazy without spending a lot of money and being age appropriate. I feel like Instagram has been the best way to showcase my latest color combo versus posting weekly on the blog. But since Heather of Glitter and Gloss began her Manicure Monday link up a few weeks ago I will participate every now and then. :)

After going neutral on my nails for my Birthday, I was craving something BRIGHT and fun! I posted a few color combo's on Instagram asking for everyone's opinion since I couldn't choose at that moment. Everyone picked the blue/yellow combo. And I didn't follow everyone's suggestion. Haha. When I actually went to paint my nails I wasn't feeling it. Plus I have that yellow on my toes and don't generally like being matchy matchy! 

 Combo One: Sinful Colors "24/7" and OPI "Gargantuan Green Grape"
Combo Three: Sinful Colors "Neon Melon" and OPI "Dating a Royal"

 My Pick...Combo Two :)

 Rings (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)
Jewelmint 'Always have Paris' ring (it's double sided and rose gold! OBSESSED)
Jewelmint 'Sweetheart' ring in Silver (I get SO many compliments on the original gold one that I HAD to have it in silver too)
Kendra Scott 'Tela' ring (This was a special stone that they don't sell but the Turquoise is similar and they are ALL on sale for $25 at KendraScott.com)

Hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to head on over to Glitter and Gloss to see what the other creative minds came up with!


  1. That Essie color has such a great POP! lovely combo!

  2. That is a great combo. I love turquoise and teal together. Loving the Kendra Scott ring, too!

  3. Great color. Love the Kendra Scott and Jewelmint ring!

  4. Love this color combo! I might have to try it, since I have both colors (I have a chihuahua, and like three different people bought me "My Chihuahua Bites" after we got him, ha!)

    Thank you for linking up, and if you're ever sick of that KS ring (or any of your KS) you know who's willing to take it off your hands ;)



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