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It's Friday, Friday...
And it is a HOLIDAY weekend!

Thank GOODNESS for Heather over at Glitter and Gloss!
She is one of my biggest supporters and such a GREAT gal. I am so excited to meet her next month. IN the meantime she is hosting a "What's in my Bag" link up today (she also does Mani Monday's). I was in work out gear all day yesterday getting so much done for the blog. I have Monday's post done (hint hint...I may be linking up to Mani Monday), I set up my blog 's new email, along with a new twitter handle, I learned how to create collages in Photoshop (thanks to my boss) and I wrote a guest post for Nikki over at Bedazzles after Dark (you should check her out!). I am grateful to have a reason to post today.

I JUST swapped bags a few days ago so my bag was SUPER clean. Not even a stray receipt was floating around in there. This is what I carry day in and day out!

My Bag: H&M Fringe Bag bought last year

Everything in it!

 A close up...

What's in my bag:
  • Trident Layers: I am a fruity gum girl! This gum's flavor lasts forever
  • Keys" House and Car key. I drive a Prius.
  • JPK make up bag: FULL of crap that I didn't feel like showing you so that I didn't have to list it all. HAHA.
  • Miniature Perfume: Jessica Simpson 'Fancy'. You never know when you will need a refresher!
  • Tide Stick: Best Invention EVER!
  • Ibuprofen: For body aches and cramps. Working out daily does a number on me. 
  • Abas Clutch wallet: an old sample from when I worked in the buying office. It has a sparkle in the fabric and is my favorite :)
  • Oliver Peoples glasses: I need glasses for driving and reading
  • Dita 'Marseilles' sunnies: I am constantly switching my sunnies out.
  • Coach checkbook holder: YES I carry my checkbook. Mostly to pay my trainer. Seriously.
  • Aquaphor: The only thing I put on my lips (I also use Rosebud salve). Works as lotion, moisturizer, make up remover and for flyaways. It does everything!
  • Pens and Pencils: I only use Sharpie pens and BIC automatic pencils. I honestly use pencils WAY more than pens. I like to be able to correct mistakes. Type A alert!
  • iPad: I love having this to read and browse the web when I am out and about.
  • iPhone and iPad charger: I am on my phone WAY TOO MUCH. I am ALWAYS needing my charger daily!!

Now you have a glimpse into who I really am.
I worked with Handbags and Small Leather Goods for years! They are my favorite. One thing I learned is how personal they are. Your bag and wallet really showcase your personal style and idiosyncrasies. My bag says that I am trendy while my small leather goods are more on the classic side. 

Hope you enjoyed!
Make sure you head over and check out some other fabulous blogs:)

Have FUN!


  1. Oooh, fabulous bag! I need to start carrying my iPad around with me, even without wifi, I have TONS of magazines on there. Oh, and I'm so jealous you guys get to meet!! :/

  2. Your bag is fabulous!! When I worked at Nordstrom (in cosmetics) I was directly across from the handbag section. Swoon! I miss always getting first dibs on the new stuff. Oh, well. So I'm dying over your iPad case - so cute!! I love you and can't wait to meet you for real in just a couple weeks!!!

    Thank you so much for supporting a fellow nosy girl and linking up with What's In My Bag!


  3. That bag is totally awesome! Love it!!
    Found you through the linkup, and I'm your newest follower! ♥

  4. I am seriously in love with that bag. I haven't really seen anything like it! I definitely think it fits you perfectly :)

  5. That is a great bag and love that everything fit in it. I am fan of big bags.

  6. love the fringe and its shows you arnt just a designer only carrying gals! i love u


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