What I Wore: New Favorite Piece

In the Fashion Lane readers,
meet my new favorite piece...
Floral Bed Jacket.

I don't think I have loved a piece this much in awhile.
It is flowy, floral and pretty much goes with 90% of my closet.
Plus it is a piece that brings chicness to any outfit.
AND the best part...it is $25. El Cheapo!

This was my first "Spring" trend that I consciously tried to wear.
Floral's are everywhere and I wasn't sure that they were for me. I am not huge on real girly prints. I love how these flowers are kind of abstract and I am obsessed with the coral and yellow that the designers used. I was excited to bust out my neon yellow skinny belt to complement the colors and bring out the flowers. Neon and florals...I would say I am ready for Spring. I paired this look with my lighter jeans and all day long I felt like I should have done a darker denim. I also think that wearing the jacket open with dark denim flares will be fun too! I have so many outfits I want to try!! I knew I needed a neutral shoe. These taupe wedges were not an exact match to the gray but still went well. 

New Favorite Piece

What I Wore:

Bed Jacket: Mossimo via Target (cannot find online)
Tee: Lush (super old)
Jeans: Old Navy 'Rockstar'
Shoes: Forever 21 (no longer available)
Belt: Target 

I also wanted to THANK you for your sweet comments on Monday's posts.
The "blahs" are gone! we all have those days! And I LOVE you all for encouraging and supporting me. You are the bestest readers ever!!


  1. You are definitely ready for spring. Right on trend and looking gorgeous as usual! Would love to see this jacket with big flare jeans. A casual 70's vibe. Glad to hear your 'blah's' are gone! :)

  2. Dang hot stuff! I love this outfit..the pop of the neon belt really makes the outfit. Looking fab honey!

  3. You look great! I tried on that jacket too, and couldn't decide if I loved it, or if it looked too much like a nighty on me. I keep thinking about it, though, so another trip to Target is in the cards SOON!

  4. i love that! i saw it too in people style watch and have had my eyes out for it

  5. Oh I lOve it!! So day chic!!! And I'm so glad the blues are gone :) that's great to hear.

  6. That jacket is pretty and the neon belt is a perfect match!

  7. Ummmm I *NEED* that jacket! I especially am dying for it with that neon belt!
    Smart n Snazzy

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet comments - I am in love with this floal kimono!! LOVE! :)

  9. So cute! I am not sure I can pull of the floral trend but you look great in it.


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