Case of the Monday's

The blog title should really be called "Case of the Sunday's" since I write my posts in advance. As I sat down to write today's post I was feeling BLAH! I took two sets of outfit pics and HATED how I looked in both outfits when I sat down to edit the pics. I felt like I looked so fat in them then went on a downward spiral since I have been working out like a fiend AND eating 5 smalls a day. In fact, I just completed 7 weeks of 5x a week work outs. Which I am incredibly proud of yet forget when I look in the mirror. Ugh! I also have had an influx of friends announce engagements and pregnancies which never puts me in the right frame of mind. SO I am hoping that when I wake up that I am out of the funk and ready to take on the week! 

Happy Monday, folks!

Here is a peak at my weekend through pictures...
 I saved this pic after my cousin posted it on Facebook. It motivates me and will continue to motivate me. I love the honesty and the direction that Gwyneth gives. 

 I snapped this from the March issue of People Style watch. I HAD to find that floral jacket to add to my closet. I found it. And bought it. I am in LOVE with it.

 A look at Friday's outfit. I HATED the way I looked in the front facing pics.
W.I.W: Old Navy cardi and jeans, F21 black tee and Vince Camuto booties

 Friday Nights work out attire. LOTS of colors.

 Saturday's work out look. Pops of neon!

 This is what happens when I have a lot of time on my hands. I take pics of myself making fishy faces. Normal, right? I would like to point out my good hair day ;)

My weekend consisted of working out, two Target runs and catching up on TV. Such a glamorous life I lead! Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Hang in there!! I feel like I've had a nasty case of the Mondays for the last month. For what it's worth I think you look fabulous, and your legs look skinny mini in those awesome red jeans! xo!!

  2. You got this chica! I know how it feels to have the blahs, and to look in the mirror and be like "after working out 5x/week I wanna see something dangit!" But you're totally on the right track :o)

    PS Can't wait to see how you style the floral jacket. I just bought one from Anthro on sale. I had no plans for it but I had to have it.

  3. sorry you had the blahs! that's no good. I like that you say "right frame of mind" with friends news. Totally true- it's not like you hate on it or anything, just like ah! am I on a time clock??? haha, I think we all feel that way now especially with Facebook showing us that stuff all the time.

    Stick with your working out, it will be worth it. And I doubt you look fat in the ones you took.

    Love your funny face :) super cute

  4. Oh, love!! I'm sorry to hear about you feeling 'blah' :( Remember, we are our harshest critics and truth be told, I think you've been looking fabulous in your outfit photos!! And even if you don't feel like your hard work is showing on the outside, it's working on the inside because your gonna be even healthier and stronger (that's at least what motivates me when the scale NEVER moves! LOL )

    Love the red jeans and cardi look, so cute (from what I can see :) ! ) and those neon workout pants are fab! I really need to step up my workout clothes, mine are so boring!! Hope your Monday is better than your Sunday!

  5. You look fab lady! But I know what you mean, sometimes you just feel off. I love how honest Gwenyth is about how hard she works for her body. That is true inspiration because when a celeb says, "oh I eat whatever I want! I just have a high metabolism" I want to punch them in the face. Very few people can eat like a truck driver and stay very skinny and even if they are, I doubt they are healthy. I would much rather be healthy and not rail thin then the other way around. It's all about feeling confident and being healthy!

  6. Hang in there! You are definitely looking amazing and you just have to keep reminding yourself that.

  7. i read that gwyneth p. quote a few weeks ago and thought wow! now there is someone in Hollywood that is honest about working out! LOVE her!


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