Pop Culture and The Grammy's

I have so much useless pop culture knowledge in my head it is ridiculous. If they ever had a Jeopardy with JUST pop culture questions I would enter, AND win. I love knowing the little tidbits of knowledge and often times I embarrass myself speaking out the things I know. I have a crazy memory and am good with names and numbers. It comes in handy! Watching silly reality shows, reading the tabloids, perusing the web, Twitter, gossip blogs... all make me smarter. Haha. I love being able to watch the awards shows and know all the back stories, who has dated who, how tall some one is and 98% of the time I can guess what designer they are wearing before they say it. I think all of that information has helped my fashion background and cultivate my passion.

With that said I LOVED The Grammy's last night. It was a GREAT show (with the exception of Chris Brown performing TWICE and that train wreck, ridiculous Nicki Minaj performance) and I really enjoyed the variety of performers. Just seeing and hearing Adele warmed my heart. I think Bruno Mars is a fantastic singer and performer, Dave and the Foo Fighters rock my world, I really enjoyed Katy Perry's new song and she didn't sound like nails on a chalkboard singing, Carrie Underwood could not be more beautiful or talented and seeing The Boss and Sir Paul sing and ROCK out at the end was awesome.

As for the FASHION I was definitely drawn to black.

Hands down, sexy as hell, banging body, GORGEOUSNESS!
I am obsessed with the Armani dress she wore and collaborated on.
Not many people have the body to pull that off. I will be praying to GOD every night to look like that for one hour! Holy Bananas!

The plunge, the slit, the back, the thin, tiny straps.

Runner Up #1: Gwyneth Paltrow
This Stella McCartney dress was chic, polished with a slight edge. I loved the cut away's at the waist and how the neckline and back connected. I like the belt and her simple, sleek pony. 
Pure Prettiness.

Runner up #2: Chrissy Teigen
 I have a thing for long sleeved dresses that show off ONE body part. On this dress it is the slit showing off her leg. I think it is simple yet striking. I am also a HUGE fan of really strappy heels. I am always in search of the perfect pair!
{all images via justjared.com}

Who was your favorite of the night?
Did you enjoy the show?


  1. Ahhhh you got it girl. I LOOOOOVED Rihanna's dress and thought she looked beyond amazing in it. And how amazing did she look singing with Chris Martin too? I'm loving her hair like this. Also loved Gwyneth too. My top two are the same as yours for sure!

  2. I didn't watch the Grammy's but I love your picks for best dress. They look great.

  3. Rihanna does look pretty hot in that dress, but I HATE her blond hair.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. LOVED Rihanna's dress, but not loving her hair. I also loved Adele's look (both of her looks) and Taylor Swift's dress.

    I also have ridiculous amounts of pop culture knowledge. When I worked at Nordstrom I used to go around writing different random facts on the bottom of tissue boxes- people called them my "factoids" and it became like a game to find them, haha! Do you remember Rock and Roll Jeopardy on VH1? It was amazing!

  5. Loved all of these ladies but Rihanna was ABSOLUTELY my favorite!! She looks stunning! That dress was amazing... only she could pull it off!

  6. AGREED! I want Rhianas dress in white for my wedding! To revealing?? Haha! Love it!

  7. i LOVED riri's look, smoking!!!


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