Blogger's Do It Better: RED!

Happy Valentine's Day my lovelies!!

To be honest the day kind of snuck up on me. I just realized that I will be spending my first Valentine's Day alone in six years. I am a sappy romantic and I enjoy this Hallmark Holiday :) I decided to pamper myself. I have an intense work out planned, lunch with one of my besties and a massage booked. I think Valentine's Day will treat me just fine :)
(although having a hot date may have been just a smidge better)

I was excited to see that red was the choice for this month's "Bloggers DO it Better" post. While red isn't a color that I own a lot of (three plaid shirts, one sweater and two scarves is all I own. Kind of shocking and a little sad.) I knew that I could make something work. I tried on the few items I own and settled on one of my flannels. It actually has been chilly (in the high fifties) and I knew pairing the shirt with leggings and heeled boots would be perfect. I LOVE the color combination of red and turquoise so I had to dress up my flannel with a statement necklace and earrings. Since my shirt is over sized (from the men's department) I wanted to belt it. My braided skinny belt is going to get a lot more play these days. I love how the look came together.

What I Wore:

Top: Cherokee (Target Men's Department)
Leggings: Zella 'Live In' from Nordy's
Boots: Jessica Simpson (old)
Belt: H&M
Jewelry: Kendra Scott 'Harlow' necklace and 'Danielle' earrings


  1. you look stunning! and i love your blog title, haha!

    happy valentines day gorgeous!

    hugs, xo!

  2. The necklace was just the pop of red to take the outfit from comfy casual to pretty chic. You looked great in it today!

  3. you find the cutest stuff "meant" for men! I love this red on you and I think the sleeves look awesome.

    Happy Valentine's Day, I think it's okay to be alone :) I don't give this day much thought whether I'm single or attached!

  4. Great look for bloggers do it better. I loved this bloggers do it better challenge, my favourite one so far.

  5. You look great! Love the way you belted the red flannel. Super cute. Happy Valentine's Day!! Have a wonderful massage.

  6. Love that you did something a little unexpected with the red flannel. That pop of turquoise looks great with the red. Looking good lady! Happy Valentines Day!

  7. Hi! I found your blog by participating in the recent BDIB Challenge. Love how you styled your red. Cute blog!! Please visit mine if you get the chance. Have a wonderful day!!


  8. Gorgeous!!! And you KNOW I'm in love with your jewelry. The harlow necklace is at the top of my wishlist!

  9. Love the red and teal!! Looking good doll!

  10. You look awesome! Those turquoise accessories look beautiful on you. Love the look.

    Happy Valentine's Day and hope you enjoyed that massage!! Lucky girl!


    Lisa Marie

  11. Love that top and leggings. And that belt and shoes are great combo, eh. Lovely!

    Cathy@cheap digitizing


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