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2012 is my self proclaimed "lose weight" year.

If you are a new reader, I decided to write a monthly post about my fitness goals, trials and triumphs with some cute clothes thrown in every now and then. You can read my first post HERE. I am really excited to share my journey with you all.

January was a great month for me. I pushed myself in so many ways. I officially worked out 5x a week for the entire month. FIVE full weeks. I still can't believe it. I know that I started working out in November but I was not fully committed until the end of December. So I look at January as month one. I have started to see little changes but nothing super drastic. I am also my biggest critic ;) How are you all doing? I know many of you shared that you had similar goals and I would love to hear about your progress and help support!

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Being at the gym so much I have really seen some interesting outfits. I am blown away by what people wear. I know that it isn't a fashion show BUT some people wear the most inappropriate things. I have to say that I am a girl that wears her hair piled on top of her head, takes off her make up before getting to the gym, sweats like a BEAST and gets completely red. In one word I am a hot mess when working out, and I do not care. BUT I do make sure that I have on an outfit that matches, leaning towards bright colors, and covers all of my imperfections. Being in a cute outfit makes me feel good. So I do not understand when people wear bottoms that are smaller than bathing suit bottoms or jewelry (one girl had on large hoops, three layered necklaces, 5 bracelets a watch and rings. Does she NOT sweat?). While I am doing my best not to judge these people it does remind me why I need to dress in proper gym attire. When I say "proper" I make sure that I am wearing Dri Fit clothing. Dri Fit is work out attire that pulls the sweat away from your body and is soaked up into the clothing. It helps sweaty people like me look a little more out together at the end of a workout. Basically my clothes look dry instead of looking like I showered in them. My typical uniform is a capri pant, sports bra, tank with a built in sports bra and a jacket. These layers make me feel more comfortable when I am working out AND while wearing a jacket is hot it helps with the sweat. Here is an example of what I wear...

What I am wearing: Champion (Target Brand) Dri Fit jacket, Tank and Sports Bra, Zella (Nordy's brand) live in capri legging, Asics tennis shoes.

 I mentioned last month that I really wanted this Nike outfit. I headed to Nordstrom and tried it on. I LOVED the sweatshirt (if you can call it that) so I bought it. It is lightweight and perforated which helps my body breathe when working out. I tried on the shorts because I loved the color. Unfortunately they were SEE THRU. So I passed. This month I am looking for some tank tops that are loose. I want something that are not tight around my mid section and long enough to cover my lady parts. I don't like having everything on display when I work out. It has not been cold in CA and it will only get warmer. I have to find some clothing that I can wear sans jacket so I don't die of heat exhaustion. I had my eye on the Lululemon 'No Limits' tank. I tried it on this week and the largest size (size 10) was a bit snug. So I am hoping to pick one up when I lose ten to fifteen more pounds.

 {image via lululemon.com}

 Pinterest has continued to help motivate me (follow me if you are as addicted as I am). I have found the best sayings, motivational quotes and bodies to aspire to have. I love the feel good things that I have found but I also like the funny things that I relate to. Here are my two favorites for the week.

 {image via}

I would give anything for my thighs not to touch. 
This is a long term goal!
But this TOTALLY made me laugh!
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This is just too cute! If only it were that easy!

Onto my Goals and Results...

My focus for February is to eat five small meals a day, writing down everything that I eat, staying in a caloric intake managed by my trainer and to be able to run for 15 minutes straight by 2/29. This is going to take SO much discipline.  I am also going to be working through some mental road blocks as well. You can read about my inner struggle HERE (this is very personal and real. If you want to read about that I encourage you to! I try to keep things a little lighter on the fashion blog. My personal blog has been inactive for a long while but I am starting to blog there again. Check it out.)

I will be reading this all month long as a reminder
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As for my results I can tell you this:
- I am STRONGER, way stronger. My work outs have gotten A LOT more challenging and I am able to complete them.
- I am doing an hour of cardio easily
- I have lost between 7-10% body fat
- I am FINALLY starting to believe that I really CAN do this

Well...this Fashionista has debriefed you! Thanks for following along! 
I encourage your questions and comments. 
We all learn from each other!



  1. i'm so glad that your gym routine is going so well! and of course you can do it!!! was that even questionable? :)


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! It's so refreshing to see a real person struggle with the same things I struggle with. You can do it! Can't wait to see where this journey takes you! At the end of the day, it's more important that you are becoming stronger and healthier, not the size of clothes you wear.

  3. i'm also shocked at what peeps where at the gym. like you, i wear stuff that covers my body and no jewelry.

  4. What a great update on your progress Mandy!! I agree, feeling/looking good in the gym helps me work out harder and better too - but uh, full on makeup and push up bras (what I see) makes me go HUH? I love my dri-fit gear!

  5. Congrats on 5x per week! That's awesome!! I'm shooting for the same goal - so far 2 weeks in and going strong! Your outfit is similar to mine to work out in - funny I just talked about that on my blog (great minds!). I think the weirdest thing I've seen someone wear the the gym is jeans - like really?! What kind of workout can you get in when you're in stiff jeans, and can you imagine sweating in those?? LoL! Keep up and great work and I'll keep on reading ~ Alesha (FabHeels)

  6. Great job, lady!! You're an inspiration! Every year I start out thinking "this is the year I'm going to lose weight" but I'm praying that 2012 really will be the year. I'm planning on joining Curves, and writing down what I eat.

    Anyways, you look great and keep up the good work!

  7. Love the live in leggings from Zella. I have them on as I am typing. Keep it up! Sounds like your mind is in a good place to help you achieve your goals. Way to go Mandy!

  8. OMG Mandy!!! This is amazing!!

    5 days a week for 5 weeks!? WHAAAAT!!! Gurrrrrl you're freakin' motivated, that's incredible!!!! Teach me! :P

    I love that 'I need to eat a skinny person' comic! LOL!

    Keep going!! I can't wait to read your February recap! 15 minutes of running straight is a huuuuuge goal, but I think you can do it!! KEEP GOING!!!!!

    PS - 3 layered necklaces and big hoop earrings?!?! For realz?! omg.

  9. GREAT job, I'm glad you're staying so motivated. All of this is even motivating me more to continue with mine.

    I look like crap at the gym as well but I usually am showered if I have a choice. This isn't the case during the weekday when I go straight from work but on the weekends, I always shower before going bc I just love feeling clean. It's weird. I try not to judge too but I hate when girls with long hair at the gym and it's not tied back. I don't know why on earth I care, but it always kinda bugs me, haha.

    Sounds like you are well on your way, I'm excited for you!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I am the girl that sweats up a storm. Seriously disgusting, so I am glad that I am not alone. You are looking great Mandy! Keep up the hard work.

  11. wow wow wow. you look AMAZING! keep up the great work... hopefully one of these days i will get my ass in gear and start getting in together like you have! :)


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