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A New Year brings a New Series...

On the first Friday of every month I will be posting about fitness, the best outfits/brands to work out in, some inspirational pictures or quotes that I have found and briefly talking about my goals and progress. I know that January is when everyone jumps back on the proverbial exercise wagon so I think it is a good time to talk about this!

I have always been pretty open on the blog about my struggle with my weight. I have tried a lot of the fad diets, joined Weight Watchers and have had trainers. BUT my head and my heart was never completely in it. I could explain why but I don't need to put all of my emotional baggage out there for you all. All I will say is that I am turning 30 in May and I do not want to enter my thirties using the same excuses to not have the body I truly want. In November (six months from my 30th birthday and in the turmoil of my break up) I decided that I had six months to lose 30lbs by my 30th birthday and to just go for it. I met with a friend's brother who is a Personal Trainer and began my new journey. It has been a challenge, it isn't easy, I am being pushed MENTALLY and physically. J gets me, he LISTENS to what I need and tells me what I need, NOT what I want to hear. He also motivates me and encourages in the appropriate way. I am spending more time with J than I am my own friends so it is important that we have a connection. I had to TRUST the person that I was putting so much faith in. Check out his blog and send some comment love his way! That is the back story so you know why I am motivated to write this series.

Now the style tie in...OBVIOUSLY we showcase our bodies every time we do an outfit post. I see pictures of myself and they do not make me happy. Blogging my WIW posts have been extremely eye opening. Through my weight loss process I am excited that I am going to HAVE to buy new clothes. I also need cute work out clothes to work out in. YES I am 100% motivated by a cute outfit when I work out. SO I am going to motivate myself by buying cute outfits along the way. I received the Nordstrom catalog last week and saw their "fitness" spread (since it is January...the gym's BUSIEST month of the year) and I fell in LOVE with this Nike outfit. I have an appointment to try it on this afternoon. :) I layer A LOT when I work out. Trying to hide my rolls in spandex is not easy. We worked out in the 85 degree weather, you read that right, yesterday morning and I knew that I was going to have to buy more shorts and tanks to stand the heat. LUCKILY I really like my legs and short shorts don't scare me (tight things around my midriff do). 

January's Outfit Pick
***images via nordstrom.com***
***click on the bottom two pics for direct link to website***

I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day and literally laughed out loud. I sweat so much and now I know why! HAHAHA.

I know that MANY of you have some lofty goals as well. I hope that we can all be a support and encouragement to each other. I am excited to hear all of your thoughts and goals. This post and the frequency of the series can change if you are motivated by it. Just let me know! 

In the meantime Amy of At The Pink of Perfection is doing a bi monthly Bloggers Biggest Loser link up on Tuesday's. Make sure to check in their for additional motivation!

- My clothes fit looser
- My stomach is a lot smaller
- I have insane leg muscles
- We "think" I have lost about 12 pounds

J won't weigh or do measurements because he knows that they are a mind block for me. Smart Trainer. He even took my scale out of my house. So when I say we "think" it means that I have weighed myself one time, at the gym (we don't work out in a gym. I go on my off days without him. We work out 3x a week.) the week before Christmas. I was down 12 pounds from our initial weigh in. 

There you have it! Cute clothes, something to laugh at and PROGRESS!!
Happy January...we got this :)


  1. good luck on this! i hope everything motivates me a little more. and that nike outfit is ADORABLE! i only wish to be able to fit my huge butt into a cute pair or shorts like that!

  2. Good luck!! I love this monthly feature. I work out in sweats at home, because I hate being in public sweating. I have never joined a gym because I am scared people will look at me sweating. As for shorts (no no no), big thighs! But you have fabulous legs so work those shorts in the heat.

  3. You can do it! As someone who has similar struggles, I set the same goal this past year for myself. I did it :) It was hard, and took so much dedication, but I never felt better than on my big day. (I even wore bright yellow! A far cry from my usual black.) I am cheering you on, friend! You've got this.

  4. ooh you are so motivated! you can def pull it off! i am so bad at setting goals, i always give in :(

    love from San Francisco,

  5. After recovering from a 10-yr battle with an eating disorder, getting rid of my scale was one of the BEST things I ever did. The number doesn't matter as long as you are living healthy & feeling good! Congrats - keep up the hard work! :)


  6. I am so so proud of you for all your hard work!!!! I know you will definitely succeed, you've done so much already! I will be following along every week and will be working along with you.

  7. I like this post because I look totally ratty at the gym and there's no excuse lol

    xo Jennifer


  8. :) so proud of you. I'm literally smiling right now after reading this. and YOU are such motivation to me to go back to what I was doing before when I was healthiest. thanks for that. :)


  9. get it girl!! i KNOW you can do anything! best of luck to you and I look forward to your posts and progress :D

  10. You are amazing, you're going to kick some serious ass!

  11. I am so, so proud of you Mandy! What an amazing thing to have J to motivate you and you seem to be on your own track of self-motivation too! In regards to workout gear, I have never bought into the whole Lululemon craze but recently for a referral, Sarah bought me a LL gift card to say thank you. I got a pair of their leggings and OMG! They are amazing. Now not amazing enough to buy them all the time, but they are so great that I have been wearing them at least 3 times a week. Something to think about ;)

  12. First of all good for you! 12 lbs is awesome and so close to half way to your goal!

    Also, I think cute work out clothes are an awesome way to motivate yourself.


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