Wisdom, Wit and What I Want Wednesday {24}

I have a whole new outlook for 2012.
While I am totally excited about it, it is going to be a slight challenge.
I am having to teach myself new habits and there are some growing pains.
I am speaking specifically to shopping.
As in, I can't. 
Or can't like I used to. 
It sucks.
I was complaining to my mom about it and she said to just stop looking. Right.
I then explained how I would have to give up blogging (and Pinterest) and there was no way that I was going to do that. You see, every time I open my laptop up I find something GREAT and AMAZING that I HAVE to HAVE! You all find the most amazing things, it tempts me to bust out the credit card (which I REALLY can't do). I then realized that my What I Want Wednesday posts are doing the exact same thing. BUT the worst part, is that I am actually searching for things to lust and covet. I decided that I have to put this series on hold for the time being. Be smart. Making a wise decision.
Doing this leaves a gap or void. I like having different "series" to fall back on when I do not have an outfit post. So I need something to take What I Want Wednesday's place and I am kind of stumped.

 - Do I move my *new* series Fashionista Fitness to Wednesdays making it a weekly post instead of a monthly post?
- Do I use Wednesday's to get a little more personal and share my heart? (This scares me as I do have a dormant personal blog that I could re open. PLUS I love that this is a blog about style, specifically mine, without tying a lot of personal ish in.)
- Do I focus on "beauty" type things...make up, products, hair, nail polish reviews?
- Do I continue my "Shoe Love" series on this day?
- Do I focus on accessories and how to wear them?
- Do I take any of your fabulous suggestions and grow them?

SO. MANY. Choices!
Good thing I have one week to figure it out. 

As for my photo shoot...it's today. At 3pm.
I believe that I have settled on outfits Two (my top choice), Four (YOUR top choice) and Six (the "iffy" look due to the Chevron print). But I may also bring Look One as well becuase these pics will all be outdoors, in nature and wearing short skirts might not be so easy to manuver in. I am so indecisve these days. Haha. I just know it will be a very fun afternoon! Wish me luck!

What I Want...
I have to post one last thing. I am OBSESSED with these shoes. They aren't cheap. But what designer is? I think that these would be PEERRRRFFFEEECCCTTTT for my 30th birthday and possible Cabo trip. Right?

Valentino Rockstud Gladiator Sandals

Aren't they pretty?
Who wants to buy them for me? HECK... you all can pitch in ;)

This was a wordy post! 
Any thoughts or suggestions are always welcomed.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. i say continue your shoe love =) we all need a sugar daddy don't we ;p thanks for sharing hun xoxo

    love the NANA girls

  2. Ha ha! Not to encourage you, but those sandals are amazing! Maybe we could share them? Half the year they live with me, half with you?? ;)

    I feel for you, completely on the blogging/pinterest not helping with shopping. I am so in the same boat with you. I fight the urge to shop with the urge to save money for the things I REALLY want. The bad thing is, shopping give more instant gratification, so its more fun. Should we just win the lottery???? :) hang in there! It will be worth it, eventually!

  3. I'll pitch in only if I can borrow them to stare at!

  4. I love your style! I know how hard it is to make yourself not shop :( but it's such a fun experience! lol I look forward to reading more of your posts :D

  5. Those shoes are fabulous and would be perfect for your 30th birthday celebration!

    I like the ideas for replacing What I Want Wednesday. I vote showing more of your shoe collection. I love seeing what you have in your closet.

    Good luck with your photoshoot. I can't wait to see the different looks.


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