Pinterest and Dressing Up

You guys...it finally happened.
I am officially addicted to Pinterest!
I know, it only took me TEN months but now that I have the time to really sit down and pin, I just cannot stop! My only complaint is that I cannot find people easily. So follow me here or let me know your link so we can contribute to each other's hours of computer time ;)

THANK goodness for Pinterest. I have a photo shoot with my dear friend, Leslie. We did a shoot TWO years ago now and I wanted some new pics to use on the blog. I am excited to work with Leslie for many reasons... she is one of my closest friends (we have been friends since we were 7), she is talented and we get to be flat out creative! So I used some of my pins to put together some looks that I want to have photographed. I would love to hear your opinion on your favorite looks before my shoot TOMORROW at 3pm. Please leave a comment with your TWO choices AND any suggestions or changes you would make! I appreciate all of your styles and can always use the inspiration.

***Click the Inspiration pic for a link to my Pinterest Boards to see the origination of the picture.*** 

Look One: Chambray Button up and Bell Bottoms

 Look Two: Neutral: Cardi, Tee, Skirt, Scarf

 Look Three: Animail print jeggings, Black tunic, Stilletto's, Scarf

Look Four: Leopard collared blouse, Black pleated skirt, Mary Jane heels

Look Five: Fringe jacket, jeggings, Mary Jane heels

 Look Six: Sweater, Chevron-esque skirt, Wedges
***Ignore the hot pink sports bra***

A few things to keep in mind....
- I had to take my head out of the pics becuase I had on zero make up and awful hair. 
- I don't have on the appropriate under garments
- I am not set on the accessories or shoes. Would LOVE your suggestions
- PLEASE ignore the mess in the back ground...My closet is now on my floor ;)
- All pics taken with iPhone...bad quality

SOOOOO which looks are your favorite?
I know mine ;)
Thanks is advance for your help!!


  1. LOVE #2, #3, #4 (OF COURSE!) These are amazing outfits girl! You totally rocked the pinterest to real life look! :) And I've been trying to think of a way to say, gahhh you've been owning Pinterest, so here you go. You've been owning Pinterest girl! I love all your pins, I think we've been repinning each other like crazy. hahahaha

  2. ooooh! Tough call! I am obsessed with the black pleated skirt/leopard blouse and I really like the chambray/denim combo. But lady, you always look great so any of these looks would work! Have an amazing time at your photo shoot! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  3. Hands down #4 is my favorite! The look is amazing! I also like #2! Can't wait to see the photos and what you decide.

  4. Chambray outfit and leopard top outfit have my vote!

    Can I say that I LOVE your legs without sounding like a total creepo?? Hahaha

  5. omg, you look incredible, i need to get on your workout...

    and i'm dying over these looks, i need a black pleather skirt and a chambray top.

  6. Look Two is my fav! LOVE pinterest. Don't know how I would "work" without it :)

  7. You look AMAZING seriously! I love them all I think my fave is the cardi and mini skirt look;)

  8. OMG! looks 2,4, and 5 are my favorite! you look gorgeeeeeeeeous!

  9. 2 and 4 are my faves but i think 4 definitely wins!!

  10. Great blog just discovered it.

    I think we have the same Mary Janes, are they Marni? :)

    x X

  11. The miniskirt looks (2 & 4) are my fave. For some reason, you seriously look at least 10 pounds lighter in skirts. I blame it on those fabulous legs otherwise being hidden! I'm so proud of you, Mandy. Your hard work is really paying off.
    Smart n Snazzy

  12. so hard! i like all of them except the chevron skirt and fringe, only because i don't think they'll photograph well.

  13. I know I'm a bit late...but I couldn't resist telling you that I absolutely love looks #2 and #4, but especially #4. And that's huge because I generally don't even like leopard print anything. But that look is just sooo good!

  14. YOU LOOK SO GREAT! lookathowskinnyyouare!
    love the progress its totally paying off,
    love you


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