Hello 2012!!!

A New Year.
It is a time for new beginnings. To start fresh. 
The perfect time to say, 'HELLO'!

I am so excited for 2012. This year is going to be life changing for me. I just know it. Yesterday I said good bye to many things. Saying good bye and closing the door only means one thing...lots of open windows and doors. I am choosing to focus on the opportunities and to not stare longingly at the closed doors.

Please help me say HELLO to the following...
  • My Bucket/Life list: I started writing out my list a few months ago. I currently have 45 items on that list. I want to start checking them off!
  • Furthering my education: more on this as it unfolds
  • Blogging: A continuation of my personal style diary and new partnerships.
  • Dating and the possibility of a new relationship: I am not going to be scared to get out there and find someone special. The whole dating process is unsettling. I have never been a good "dater". So this should be interesting. P.S. If anyone knows Ryan Gosling or Garrett Hedlund can you send them my way? Thanks ;)
  • Making the most of the people and friendships in my life: going out, trying new things, spending time, taking pictures and being in the moment.
  • 30 by 30: I have made the decision to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday in May. I have a personal trainer and I have been working out 3-5x a week. I have never been able to lose that much weight. It WILL happen. AND then I will drag my skinny ass to Cabo and party the week away. :)
  • Acceptance: of myself, people in my life and people that I meet. Respecting and understanding who they are and loving them for it. I cannot change or fix people, nor should I want to. I think we all will be much happier! ;)
I want to make it clear that none of these are "resolutions".
This is my future. I am making a conscious decision to live a happier, healthier life. Period! 

HAPPY Happy New Year!
I hope that 2012 is the year that you are most blessed.


  1. Happy New Year!! Love your future plans. They sound perfect and partying in Cabo in May sounds pretty fabulous! My goal is to be much healthier this year. I started off right last year but fell off the path in June. So I need to do better. I would like to lose at least 25 pounds by May but 30 sounds good too.

  2. Happy New Year! I hope you have an amazing year, You're incredible Mandy, I'm so glad we found eachother :D

  3. these goals are amazing and this post was so inspiring. you are strong and smart and beautiful and i cannot wait to read all about your successes in 2012!


  4. best of luck! i hope you accomplish every single goal. i know you can do it!!!

  5. Love your goals!! I know you will accomplish them all!


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