2011: The Year of 'Good Bye'

What a year!

It is safe to say that 2011 was my most trying of my adult years.
I am dubbing 2011 as the year of 'Good Bye'.

I saw so many doors close this year. I made changes that I never thought that I would. I was stretched, pushed, challenged and quite honestly put through the wringer. Yet I know that through all of the trials I have become stronger. I have found "me" and I am striving to be the person that I know God wants me to be.

This blog has gotten me through.
Each and every one of you has found a way to make me smile, to push through, to fight harder. Thank you for supporting me, accepting me and loving me. Blogging is real and it is raw. You put yourself out there and ask people to accept you. It isn't easy. I have found a confidence in myself, in who I am and where I am going. I have NO clue where I will take this blog into the next year but I am excited to see where it will go!

So with that I say Good Bye...
  • To my big fancy career: Leaving my job that I had since college was difficult but necessary. I firmly believe that when the passion is gone you leave. Period. NO amount of money (although it is nice to have) is worth sacrificing your life, time family or relationship. Lesson Learned.
  • To my "home": Home is where the heart is. In the past two years I left a home that I built with someone and I left my hometown (again). When you lose those things, you feel lost. I have had to learn that it is people that make a 'home' and that "feeling" that I was searching for will always be there.
  • To a true love: Ending a 6 year relationship is gut wrenching. It tears you from the inside out. But staying with someone for the wrong reasons is never ok. Realizing that put my life in a tailspin. I grew up in that relationship. I will be forever grateful to know what it is like to love and to have been loved. I will take those fond memories with me and keep them in my heart. Forever.
  • To a job/new venture: I tried and I failed (kind of, in my eyes). And I am better for it. Seriously. Things happen for a reason and other doors open. 
  • To INSECURITY: I know what I want. I know what I deserve. I will no longer settle. I say good bye to the girl that questioned every decision/thought/emotion. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Stand a little taller... What doesn't kill you makes a fighter, footsteps even lighter." -Kelly Clarkson 

Hey 2011...
So long! Farewell!
Good Bye and Good Riddance!

This is MY year. Bring it on!


  1. This is a great post. I think 2010 was my goodbye year. I hope that 2012 is your year! If you need anything you know where to find me.

  2. happy new year love! hope 2012 is fabulous and fantastic!

  3. What a great post, thanks for sharing. So happy to hear you are not going to hold on to the negative, unfortunately it is too easy to do. Stay strong lady!!! 2012 WILL be an amazing year because you are an amazing woman! :)


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