Tagged! I'm IT!

I was racking my brain on what I should blog about (since I didn't take any outfit pics) and then I remembered that my dear blogger buddy, Kristen, of Love, Lipstick and Pearls tagged me in her post. I have done facts about me posts (here and here) but I have never done a post where I was tagged. There is a first time for everything. And in my usual rebellious nature I will NOT be following all of the rules ;)

So, here are the rules: 
-You must post the rules
-Post 11 Fun Facts about yourself 
-Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you in their post & then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged
-Tag 11 people and link them in your post
-Let them know you have tagged them
11 Fun Facts about Moi:
1. I have two tattoo's and want at least two more.
2. My eye liner is tattooed on. It hurt like a Bi-yotch but I'd do it again. (post)
3. I only use pencil when taking notes or writing in my planner.
4. I have had my heart broken three times.
5. I do my own manicures and have nail polish on 360 days a year.
6. I am {still} obsessed with Jessica Simpson and watch 'Newlyweds' at least once a month (or more).
7. My favorite colors are purple and leopard. My first car was a purple convertible with leopard seat covers, leopard dice, leopard steering wheel cover and leopard license plate holder. Yup...
8. I put lotion on at least once a day and refuse to get dressed after a shower without putting lotion on.
9. I have an obsession with sunglasses. I own over 20 {designer} pairs and will not go outside without them. I have been this way since High School.
 Top Row: DVF, Ray Bans, Gucci
Middle Row: Marc Jacobs, House of Harlow, Chloe
Bottom Row: Ray Bans, Dita
10. I make my bed about once a month (not including when I change the sheets)
11. I love a challenge and won't turn one down, which isn't always a good thing.

11 Questions from Kristen:
1. What magazines do you subscribe to? 
- Vogue, Shape, Glamour and US Weekly
2. What is your best quality?
- I am loyal to a fault
3. What movie(s) do you always watch when they're on tv?
- Oh gosh...so many. The Notebook, Clueless, A League of their Own, Center Stage, Pretty Woman and many more...
4. What tv show do you watch, but don't know why you do?
- Right now it is Baseball Wives. It is sick and disturbing. SOOOOO bad but I can't stop watching it.
5. What drink do you order when you're out? (Alcohol & Non-alcohol)
- Non Alcoholic: Black Ice tea, no sweetener, extra ice. Alcoholic: 99% of the time it is some kind of beer.
6. What celebrity do you think you'd be friends with if they were your neighbor?
- Jessica Simpson, Tori Spelling, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie
7. Would you rather attend the Oscars or the Grammys?
- Ooooo this is a hard one. I have to say Oscars because of the Fashion
8. Do you prefer regular or flaming Cheetos? Puffy or crunchy?
- Mmmmm Cheetos! Regular, crunchy is first choice. But I won't pass up puffy.
9. Do you use regular or aerosol hairspray?
- I use regular. Aerosol reminds me of my childhood.
10. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
-Kristen is going to HATE this answer but NONE. I haven't read the books and I didn't like the two movies i saw (please don't un-follow me)
11. If price was no bother, what one indulgence would you have? Massages, mani/pedi, spray tans, etc?
- IF price was no option I wouldn't choose and get them all once a week. Haha. But in real life, if I only had to pick one, I would get massages twice a week.

I am breaking the rules by not tagging anyone!
IF you want to do this on your blog let me know and I will add a link and send you some questions. If you don't, then I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me. 
HAPPY THURSDAY!!! It is almost the weekend.
Woot! Woot!


  1. SO fun to learn about you - your first car sounds amazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I love learning more about you! Thanks for sharing. I can't believe that you haven't read the Harry Potter books or saw the movies (I won't unfollow you) but that makes me sad.

  3. that first outfit is killer, i want it now, now, now...

  4. Tattooed eye liner!!! Whoa - going to read that post now. Must be great if you'd do it again (I'd imagine the pain WOULD be high!!)

    The wedges are from Urban Original - a US company. I linked to the actual shoes in this post (but I think they only have black left):

  5. Dude. Your eyeliner is tattoo'd on?? (sp?) Girl you are BRAVE!!! xo-C

  6. tattoo eyeliner????!!! grrrl that is hardcore. you are brave!! p.s. the pic of you with the leopard top and leather skirt is just PERFECT, i think it should be your header!

  7. i loved this post! thanks for participating!! i can't believe your liner is tattooed on!! ohmygosh! and i can't believe you don't like HP ha ha ha
    love you anyways! (of course!)

  8. Purple convertible!! woot woot! ha, that's awesome. And your sunglasses are great- LOVING the ones in the upper right. I've been looking for some like those. I love your shame for watching Basketball wives. haha.

    ps tattooed eyeliner?? I've thought about this my whole life.. going to look at the post.

  9. Love Love Love your answers! You are too cute! :) And OMG I would love to get my liner tattooed but I am such a chicken, you are definitely brave!!


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