Happy 31st Birthday Jessica!

Since I have had a blog I have dedicated a birthday post to Miss Jessica Simpson.
She is and will always be one of my favorites! You can check out the posts from the last three years...
Here, Here and Here.
The other posts are form my personal blog that I have neglected since November 2010. Oops. 

Over the years Jessica has been one of my main style icons. Whether the inspiration came from her hair, shoes, handbags or her clothes I have always loved SOMETHING about her and what she is wearing. She seems to be really happy! I am SO excited that she will be returning to TV. I am really looking forward to seeing her as a fashion mentor. I also cannot wait to see what she ends up wearing on her wedding day in November. I LOVE how she stays true to her self even in constant criticism, I respect her business savviness and I will always be obsessed with her hair.

Happy 31st Birthday! Hope it is amazing and that this is your best year ever!
(since Amanda said that I reminded her of Jessica in some of my shorts outfit posts (best compliment EVER by the way), I am posting candids of her showing off her gorgeous gams!!!)

 Jessica is ALWAYS wearing heels or wedges. She wears a lot of her own shoes. All of her shoes are usually fun and interesting.
 She has been wearing a lot of blazers and looser tops/tunics.
Her handbags collection is INSANE. She tends to follow the "Bigger is Better" motto. 
 I LOVE these two pics. She is darling in her cover up and old Hollywood bathing suit. And I really, really love old concert tee's, especially when they are made girly with cut offs and high wedges.


  1. I love the photo of her in the yellow stripes! I totally need that top!

  2. it's funny because i have this love/hate relationship with jessica. i hated her on newlyweds and when she puts on ditzy acts, but otherwise i really like her, her style, and i think she is such a good person. and damn has she become a mogul with her brands and image in the past few years!

    anyways i love the concert tee look too :) (i buy alot of my tees at hot topic LOL!).

  3. She is so gorgeous isn't she? And i love that she stands up for herself and her choice to not be rain thin. She's a real woman who has a bangin' body but gets criticism for not looking like Kate Moss. UGH! The media is stupid.

    Anywho, you do remind me of her bc you both have killer legs!

  4. totally love her in all her styles and am so happy for all of her successes. Great feature!

  5. i lover Rocker tee look, great legs!



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