Fun Facts {2}

Happy Friday Y'all!
I wasn't going to post today but then realized it is 11/11/11.
It is supposed to be "magical" day. I need some love, luck and God after the week I have had. My life has been slightly crazy and I wasn't able to get my Fall Inspired pics or post done. Amber...I am sad to miss your link up and will do a better job to participate next month!

What better way to post when you don't have any outfit pics than to share some more fun facts. These will be kind of random but another glimpse as to who I am. :)

  1. I cannot sleep with socks on. Even if I am somehow able to fall asleep they will be at the bottom of my bed when I wake up.
  2. I never put my clothes away or hang them up right away. I create piles through out the week and then do a massive hang up/put away sesh when it starts to drive me bonkers.
  3. I love anything banana flavored. I cannot pass it up once the B word has been said.
  4. I only wash my hair twice a week.
  5. I love to cuddle but cannot be touched when I am actually going to sleep. I need my space.
  6. I hate not being able to accomplish something and will fight until I get it right.
  7. I am a voracious reader and will read all night to finish an insanely good book. I have been this way since I was a little girl. 
  8. I watch rerun's of old shows all the time. I would be lost with out my Friends and SATC DVD's.
  9. Music is what I turn to no matter what I am feeling. There is always a song that I can relate to. It soothes my soul.
  10. I want to start writing my personal blog again. But the task is daunting and I am not sure where I would want it to go. So it stays dormant and lonely. :( 
Have a GREAT weekend!
It is supposed to rain here in LA. 
More HAT weather...woohoo!


  1. love it! i love anything banana flavored too and i'm looking at a humongous pile of clothes as i type. i hate hanging my ish up.

  2. LOVE reading all of these little things about you! And don't worry about missing the link up, you have been a very busy lady!! :) Hope you can do a little relaxing this weekend.

  3. I am the opposite with my clothes. The minute I take them off they get hung up or put in the hamper. I can not stand clutter! (OCD much? lol)



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