Tuesday Travel Style {43}

Every time I see a picture of Sienna Miller all I ever think is how "cool" she is. She has that effortless, "I just threw on the first thing I saw" look that I truly envy. The girl makes the most basic of pieces look chic.

 {image via starstyleinc.com}

I don't know if it is the colors in the outfit or the fun and sassy boots that make me like this look so much. Overall this is a great outfit for travel. The only thing that may give her slight trouble is the boots but they look like they slide on and off pretty easily. I love the striped tee with the cardigan. Although it is the HANDBAG that not only compliments the combo but stands out as well. The neutral palette looks great with a lighter wash jeans. Taupe suede boots should be in every wardrobe. The cognac buckles make this particular pair a stand out. The whole outfit has a rocker vibe. I am a HUGE fan!

What do you like about this look? Is this a travel outfit you would wear?


  1. This look is perfect for travel. Hopefully the shoes will come off easily because they are pretty fabulous.

  2. Love this look! I strive to be 'effortlessly chic' but I never look close to as good as her! Definitely love the boots.


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