Shoe Love: Christian Louboutin 'Maggie'

How do I love shoes?
Let me count the pairs...

If you have been a follower of the blog for awhile you will know that I love shoes. I am always looking for new pairs and you can often find my latest lust worthy pair in my What I Want Wednesday posts. After my Shoemint review and a few pics of my closet on Twitter I had quite a few of you comment that you wanted to see more of my shoes. Well, my friends, I am going to show you! This will be a post every week or two. I would love to hear from you what you would like to know about the shoes or designer. All shoes are NOT made equally so ask away!

These beauties are my FIRST pair of Louboutin's. NO Fashionista's closet is complete without some Loub's in it! I fell in love with these shoes because of the pinky nude color. The color can be paired with ANYTHING and they elongate my legs. I love the metal, mesh toe cap. It is a small detail that makes the pumps interesting without being too trendy. I bought these shoes to help perk me up while going through some rough waters! They didn't quite do the trick but they sure do make me smile.


Christian Louboutin

CL's tend to run SMALL. In designer label shoes I tend to wear a 39 (US size 9) and these are a 40 (US size 10). In regular label shoes I wear in 8.5-9 depending on the width. When buying designer shoes you need to know that the toe box is generally very narrow. ALWAYS try them on.
*** I have WIDE feet. I tend to size up in shoes for comfort and then add Foot Petals or Dr. Scholl's in to help them fit better.

I always wear my shoes around the house for hours before I actually have to wear them. The sales associate told me to NOT wear the CL's for more than 4 hours the first time I wore them. They need to be broken in! Patent leather is usually more uncomfortable because they are stiff and don't have much give. 

I haven't worn these shoes out of the house. They are still being broken in :)
I am probably going to wear them on New Year's Eve.

*** This is where your questions come in. I will add to this section if you all want to know more. I appreciate the feedback***

DISCLAIMER: I feel more comfortable in HIGH heels. I worked in Retail for 8 years. YES, I wore HIGH shoes every day so I am used to being in them!


  1. Loving these shoes!! So pretty and definitely classic. Can't wait to see them in an outfit post!

  2. WOW those are HOT! I love them:) I have been trying so hard to get myself to wear heels more often, I always wear flats 24/7 so putting on heels feels so fancy to me. What are your tips for feeling more comfy in heels for everyday? I just cant get used to it. Thanks girl:)

  3. THESE ARE GORGEOUS! I never wear my Loub's. They are really uncomfortable and pinch my feet. The bigger size was too big and the smaller size is a little small :( but I love looking at them!

  4. OMG those are insane! I love them. More of your shoes, please!!

  5. These shoes are super cute!! I am so glad you talked about sizing because I would definitely have to size up. I also can't wait to see your shoe closet!

    I love heels but I love comfortable heels. So once they are broke in, I'd love to hear about the comfort!

  6. I'm dying! Those shoes are AMAZING!

  7. you're SUCH a lucky lady!!those are beautiful. i'm totally drooling

  8. OMG those SHOES! They look so . . . designer. In love. Glad you mentioned the sizing, that's good to know for the future (let's hope). :)


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