Shoe Love: Shoemint 'Edith'

How do I love shoes?
Let me count the pairs...

I have a full blown love affair with shoes.
It started at a young age. The first time I worked hard to earn a pair of shoes was when I was 4. I had to pass my swimming lessons tests to get a pair of gorgeous turquiose, cut out flats (it was the 80's). I passed with flying colors AND ahead of my entire class (clearly I have been a type A, over achiever since birth too). I walked out of the pool gates in a dripping wet swimsuit and those pretty flats with a HUGE smile on my face. Full. Blown. ADDICT!

You all saw my blog posts and tweets about signing up for Shoemint. I hope that you all did becuase I am NOT disappointed. The quality is great, the styles are HOT, totally trend right and they fit great, while being super comfortable. I posted about them HERE and you all asked for more pics of the shoes. Ask and you shall receive! I plan on wearing these babies out!

What pair did you buy? Or what are you coveting?
Leave a comment if you have any questions about Beautymint.
I am a HUGE Stylemint advocate as well!


  1. These shoes are absolutely gorgeous and I loved your story about working hard for your first pair of shoes :)

  2. Ooooh I love them! I'm kinda wanting the wedges too; I'm just worried about the height lol!

  3. Srsly! I wanted those and the judith's ...but my account wouldn't work so I couldn't buy any :(...

  4. i die. those are freaking so hot! are they comfortable too?

  5. sorry, you already said they were comfortable. LOL.

  6. I haven't gotten anything from Shoemint yet, but I looooove those shows on you. They look amazing!

  7. Whoops. Shoes** Lol.

    I actually have a question though... On the descriptions for the shoes on Shoemint, I believe most say they run small. Is this accurate or did you go with your normal size?

  8. sooo hot. im also curious about sizing because with regular steve maddens i always have to go up a half size...


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