What I Wore: Stylemint and Sexy Shoes

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!
Just have to start off by saying that I am super duper behind on blog reading and commenting. AND I may not be able to catch up as quickly as I would like with my new job! I have to get a handle on the position and store and need to focus my time there. I hope you will forgive me and know that I read a lot via Twitter so I can't always comment but I am keeping tabs!

Over the weekend I got to spend some time with my Family. Nothing is better than having a group of people that love and accept you. I have an incredible family and the older I get the more lucky I realize I am. On Sunday I went to lunch with my parents, sister, bro in law, nephew, gram, aunt and uncle. It was a nice lunch and I wore my new Stylemint tee and THESE SHOES!!!! Someone who has been very special in my life surprised me with the Zara shoes! I pretty much cried. I LOVE them. THANK YOU!! I am happy to report that I am STICKING to my no shopping ban. More than half way through. WOOT WOOT! Anyways, I loved the simplicity of the tee and cut offs with my fancy, schmancy shoes.

I know that I keep mentioning Stylemint and Shoemint but I am hooked. Not as hooked as my friend, Lia, is to Jewelmint...but close. Hehe. The tees are so soft and easy to dress up or down. If you haven't signed up, you should!!When Shoemint launches next month I will be the first to buy! I LOVE shoes and have quite the Steve Madden collection so knowing I can get a pair for 80 bucks (which is cheaper than most SM's) is exciting. I hope that all of the Hype is worth it!

Alright, enough shameless promotion.
Onto my cute outfit...
Stylemint and Sexy Shoes

What I Wore:

Shorts: Old Navy (really old)
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Target (really, really old)
Jewelry: Kendra Scott


  1. Those shoes are HOT girl!! I am a shoe freak. Anything with a heel and a platform takes my breath away. Good luck at ur new job :)

  2. Hot mama! I got this shirt but in black- but it's too big and I think i might return it for the cream version! I love this outfit and the shoes, oh the shoes!

  3. Sounds like an amazing lunch! So nice to get together with so much family :) And that is sooo sweet that someone got you those shoes! They are fabulous, you definitely deserve them :)

  4. Sounds like a fun get together. So glad you got the shoes!!! Love them! Glad the shopping band is going well.

  5. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? You lucky !@&*$. They look so good and kudos to you for sticking to the shopping ban! I've failed MISERABLY. I have a serious problem.

  6. oooo la la,,, looking fierce!!! I hope the new job is going well.

  7. This is the perfect casual look! The shoes definitely give it that something special! They're fabulous!!



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