I'll be seeing you! ... I hope not sporadically!

Whoa...that was a totally long and unintentional break. 
I didn't mean to stay away so long. I miss my blogging buddies. I was watching 'Clueless' the other night (hence the blog post title) and that movie made me so relaxed. Watching it reminds me that my love of Fashion has been ingrained in me since I was a little girl. No matter how busy I am I know that I have to make time for my passion. I was going to say that I have had a lot going on BUT I think that being insanely busy has become my reality. And by reading all of your tweets and blog posts I know that I am not alone. As busy as I am the one thing that I cannot deny is that I am incredibly happy. That is always a good thing.

This outfit was worn over the weekend to the Kendra Scott personal appearance at Nordstrom Fashion Island. I was there to support my old store and my new team. It was a fabulous event! I loved seeing my old world and new worlds collide. Spending time with my new team was awesome. I feel si incredibly lucky to be working for Kendra and with some amazing women. How and why this all happened to me just blows my mind! 
I am in love with these red jeans. I am itching to pick up the cobalt pair in 6 days when my shopping ban has been lifted. I have stayed strong. I did buy a new bra but that was a necessity. I wanted to wear my Zara shoes because I am obsessed with them. Pairing the pants and shoes with a simple silk blouse was just what the outfit needed. Do you think I should buy the blue pair??

***Ying and Leah I will be sending your KS earrings out today or tomorrow! Sorry for the wait***


 What I Wore:

Top: Trouve (no longer available)
Pants: Old Navy 'Rockstar Jeggings'
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Kendra Scott
Watch: Michele

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  1. You look amazing in those red pants!! Love the outfit!

  2. You look killer in the red pants, and yes, get the cobalt too! You look fabulous and happy too!!! I love how just a bit of the blouse is tucked in, too. Very chic. I think I'll get the red and the cobalt jeans, as well as the shoes once our ban is lifted LOL!

  3. I vote yet for the cobalt pants. As cute as those pants are, those shoes are the real show stopper. I LOVE them!! They are hot!!

  4. yay, you're back! I love the very last picture of you...it's AWESOME! Also, your hair looks amazing!
    p.s. did you notice I've been doing outfit posts?! AHH!

  5. Glad that you are back and I absolutely love this look! Those pants are fabulous!!

  6. Welcome back and yes, definitely by the cobalt pair of these pants. They look fab on you. Love the shoes too!

  7. love those pants! i saw them in store and now i feel like i have to run to get them!

    you look smoking in them!

  8. love those pants! i saw them in store and now i feel like i have to run to get them!

    you look smoking in them!

  9. you look so cute and clueless is my 2nd favorite movie! (the first is obv mean girls) :)

    so jealous my friend rebecca got to meet you and i wasnt there!

  10. I love Clueless!! Its one of my favorite movies.

    I love the Rock Star Jeggings and I am in full support of you purchasing the cobalt ones!

    I, however, will not be. I'm on a shopping ban until I'm into a smaller size. This is killing me!

  11. Well Helloooo There Hottie! I love those rockstars, i need'm

  12. Long time no blog post! Glad to hear things are going so well and most of all that you are happy! :) Love Love this look on you, the red pants are hot!! I'm definitely thinking the cobalt pair needs to be in your closet.

  13. yay! we're twinsies!!! love the rock star jeggings on you!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  14. I recognized your movie quote title immediately - I sat that film 3 times in the theater :) Great red pants!


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