Tuesday Travel Style {41}

The world wide web and every entertainment show was abuzz on Monday about some pictures of Miss Jessica Simpson looking quite pregnant. Word on the street is that JS is holding out on her "announcement" for a large paycheck from a fancy magazine. I think that she waited just a few weeks too long for that.

Since this is a travel post I want to talk about her outfit.
{plus her belly is pretty darn cute}

 {image via justjared.com}

This is a FABULOUS travel outfit. You can make a t shirt and leggings look great. The utility jacket has been one of my favorite pieces in my closet. Olive green looks great on almost all skin tones. I love how she stayed with a more rugged look by wearing lug-soled, lace up, heeled booties with printed socks. She gets a slight pop of color from her glasses and the leopard print bag is right on trend for Fall. This is an easy outfit to wear on a long flight.

Pregnant or Not(?) she looks good.


  1. Definitely pregnant!

    But I have to comment on the shoes. Going through security is not easy and having shoes like that to get on and off certain doesn't make it any easier...

    I love her outfit though!

  2. Totally agree that the shoes aren't the most travel friendly. BUT they are just so damn cute. Hehe. I feel like the laces make them a wee bit easier to get on and off. I always wore heels through the airport when I traveled for work and find them just as easy to walk in as flats so I may be biased at times when posting my travel posts. Haha

  3. I think that she looks amazing! Those boots are to die for...100% my style.

    Love this post!

    And who is she kidding..she's beyond pregnant. That announcement check must be worth about $10 right now. lol

  4. Agreed that I would NOT want to try to get through security in those boots, but they, and she, are adorable.

  5. Well I like and don't like this look! Loving the shoes, but leggings are not pants!! Even if you are Jessica Simpson! LOL But I will give her a pass because she is very clearly, VERY pregnant!! :)

  6. lol, totally waited too long. so pregnant! happy friday, sweetie.



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