What I Want Wednesday {19}

A couple of days ago I shared that I was on a self imposed shopping ban.
So writing a "What I Want" post is pretty much TORTURE. Yes...this is going to be hard. BUT it won't be as hard knowing that Jenn, Kimberly, Ying, Sarah, Neris and Amber all decided NOT to shop this month either. I have a support group! Woo hoo! You should have seen our twitter feed. We all wanted "one last buy", exclusions and rules. I was dying laughing at how weak we all are BUT I know that we will all support each other and get through this very long 31 day month of ZERO shopping (clothes etc. NOT the necessities, DUH) together!

SO. If I COULD buy just one last thing this month it would be these shoes.
If you are reading this, love me, want to support my habit, would like to Surprise me OR just feel bad that I am so depressed about not shopping then go ahead and CLICK on the picture, select a size 9 and send them my way! I just LOVE surprises. HeeHee!

Aren't they too die for? 
 I would give these SUCH a happy home :)


  1. We were the same size shoe....I might invade your closet LOL

  2. Eeep! I need those shoes!! I need to go on a ban too....

  3. I was hoping you were a size 10, because I love all of your shoes. These are great! Good luck on the shopping ban. I probably need to put myself on one soon.

  4. Oh, I saw these shoes on Atlantic-Pacific and have been lusting after them ever since! They are heavenly!!


  5. LOVE LOVE. Those are TORTURE! No shopping is TORTURE. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

  6. We need to stay strong during this month :) But yeah, I totally want these shoes as well :)


    Fashion Fractions

  7. OMG...i LOVE those shoes!!! how could you torture us like that??? =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  8. I want these too, even though like every blogger in the world has them now. They are just too cute!

  9. I'm actually IN LOVE with those shoes. They are incredible!!

  10. ooooo, they are amazing but STAY STRONG!!!!!!!

  11. i love these shoes a well! I saw another blogger who has this pair (but I forgot who:0) they looked amazing!

  12. I do agree those are some pretty cool shoes! But how much they are is the question.

  13. Those shoes are gorgeous, fell in love w/them the first time I saw them on Blair Eadie! Well...I was not enlisted in this shopping ban..hehehe so you ladies enjoy!

  14. WOW those shoes are amazing. seriously!


  15. Why is it that once we're on a ban we find so many good things to buy?!? These shoes are so unique, can't believe they are from Zara. I never see any good shoes in my local store. Guess I need to start looking online (well really no, I'm not allowed LOL)


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