What I Wore: Pity Party...Party of One!

I have been in a funk.
And I cannot shop to make it better. Boo!
With so many changes I have had to readjust what is important.
And budgeting is important.
(making money is too! Now if I had my big, fancy salary still...hmph!)

So I am going to be focusing on "working my closet".
I am really putting my creativity to the test!
Today I will be focusing on some picture taking and my "Bloggers do it Better" outfit.
Along with returning a crap load of things I haven't worn (and don't need. I guess)

AANNNDDDDD....apparently I just included you into my pity party!
Sorry about that!

Happy Monday, folks.
Check out my outfit that I literally threw on to run some errands last week.
Told you I wore my turbans all of the time ;)

What I Wore:
Dress: Mossimo
Sandals: Old Navy
Necklace: Kendra Scott 'Rayne'
Sunnies: Dita
Turban: UNH!


  1. Absolutely LOVE this purple on you! Such a beautiful color. Sorry you are in a funk! Completely understand what you're going through. Put myself on a budget too and basically already spent my shopping allowance for this month. Its only Oct 3rd, how am I going to make it the rest of the month?!? LOL Look at it this way though, we will be getting 'new' clothes soon because we can start pulling out fall/winter stuff. Until then, I'm right there with you lady. It will get better soon!

  2. Love this color on you!! I have been putting myself on restraints too. I need to stop buying so much. So I am going to try to work my closet more too.

    Maybe we can do some sort of blogger swap where we mail one item to each other to work in our closets. Just an idea!!!

  3. Just found your lovely blog. DOn't worry, we all need to feel sorry for ourselves sometimes :) That color is gorgeous on you!

  4. you'll get out of the funk - you're a total rock star! :) this outfit is the first step... can't be in a funk wearing this fab color!! :) or with great legs like that (need!)


  5. Awww...funks are no fun but you'll get out of it soon enough. I love this purple dress, you look awesome in this colour!

  6. Um, looking SMOKING!!!!!! I love this especially because you're just running errands! How utterly glamorous of you. And hey, stay strong with not shopping! Once I moved in to a downtown place by myself I knew I had to drastically cut my shopping (or just be an idiot and continue to do so) and I've barely purchased many things in the last few months. And guess what? I haven't even started to run out of clothes. Shop that closet! It feels good to think about all the money you're saving. Anyway, stay strong and clearly- you don't need new clothes if these are the oldies hiding away. PS your new banner is cute too.


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