Tuesday Travel Style {40}

Ever since I bought these boots I have been DYING to wear them.
It is still pretty warm and I was extremely hot the one time I tried to wear them. Excitement beat out sweat! Sexy, huh?! Haha.

I have seen these boots on many peeps but they stood out on Miss Kourtney.
I love when she rocks the casual boho look. I think she looks amazing and I would copy every outfit that she wears if I could. This is my next travel outfit. Hands down!

{image via starstyleinc.com}
I think that Kourtney has the best fashion sense of all three girls. I keep mentioning this but as time goes by it just becomes more and more true. I am a sucker for a worn in plaid shirt and leggings really are the best bottoms to wear on a plane. Honestly if you are wearing these to pieces it is almost as good as wearing your PJ's. She wore her hair back and is carrying a large handbag. Both essential for the plane ride. Mason is such a cutie! Seeing his sweet style makes me excited for my lil' nephew! 
What do you think of Kourt's Travel Style?
Would you wear this?


  1. Kourt really does have great fashion sense. I think I would definitely raid her closet out of the 3 if I had the chance! This is a perfect travel look, can't get much more comfy than this.

  2. I love these boots!! I too have fallen victim to wearing clothes that aren't weather appropriate simply out of excitement. It's deff a girl thing ;)

  3. Those boots are fabulous. I have been playing with fall looks even though it is in the 80s here. I recently took photos in a fur vest and a leather coat (so much sweat) but I wanted to wear them so bad!

  4. I agree her style is the best, and those boots...helllo baby!

  5. That really is a cute outfit. Those boots are sooo cool :)


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