What I Wore: Floral cowboy

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I have found it more challenging to actually dress down for work.
Not having to dress up for work is harder than I thought. I am so happy to have the opportunity to play with trends and experiment a little. I saw a picture (or a few) of ladies in florals and booties. So I decided to play with what I have in my closet. I am glad that I get to still wear my shorts. Pairing my floral shorts and blousy top with booties is an easy way to transition into Fall clothing.

A couple of things about my outfit...
  1. Blousier tops are hard to wear on apple shaped bodies (like mine). I honestly wear mine to hide the lumps and bumps. A trick I use to reign in the volume is to wear a long necklace that hits me at my smallest spot. It gives a place for the eye to rest and creates a line in a sea of volume.
  2. Since I am wearing shorter shorts (and showing off my legs) I try to cover  my arms and cleavage when in a work setting. I am a firm believer in leaving something to the imagination.

Floral Cowboy

What I Wore:

Top: Lush from BP at Nordy's (no longer available, top last seen here)
Shorts: Mossimo (no longer available, shorts last seen here)
Boots: Target (no longer available, boots last seen here)
Bracelets: Kendra Scott 'Lucca' and 'Lola' (not online but can be shipped from the store!)

I am linking this look up with The Pleated Poppy's, 'What I Wore Wednesday'.


  1. love your outfit mandy. yeehawwwww you floral cowboy!

  2. I am way too jealous of your boot collection. Just sayin... lol

  3. Ugh love the outfit and your helpful tips! I find that with having big boobs, blousy tops tend to look huge and my shape gets lost in the mix. I will have to try your tricks and see if it helps!

  4. I definitely think it's easier to dress up for work than it is to dress down! But this is the perfect in between of cute yet not too casual. Love the shorts with the boots!

  5. I really like it! You do a great job with proportion and balancing out the baggy top, love it!! And you're so tan!

  6. i too am a firm believer in leaving something to the imagination...

    and when you've get legs like that (LUCKY!!!)...i'd be showing them off too! :)

  7. you always look great! ps i love the last post you posted, it looks great, you look natural and the pose is very flattering. i know a while ago you posted about different poses and finding ones that work best for you and i think it's that one!

  8. I love the cute boots! Great look =)

  9. Cowboy boots look great with everything! Very cute!!

  10. cute look!!

    I LOVE the new layout on the blog and your banner is amazing


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