Two YEAR Blogaversary!!

Two years.
I have been blogging about my style for two years!
Blows. My. MIND!

This past year has been indescribable. 
On this day, one year ago, I had 12 Google Friend Connect followers. As of this post I have 99.
This doesn't include my RSS subscribers or my Twitter followers.
I am incredibly honored that you like me, my style and content.
Putting yourself out there, on a public forum for anyone to read, is insane.

I feel so grateful for the friends that I have made. Connecting with you all through email, comments and Twitter seriously makes my day and made my year. I have never felt so loved and connecting with people that share my passion is amazing.

This past year the following has happened:
  • I found ME and a true belief in myself
  • I am honing my personal style and taking risks I NEVER thought I would
  • I have shopped, not shopped, remixed my wardrobe and tried trends that I did not think would ever work on me
  • I linked up, found so many inspiring bloggers and made time to connect with other bloggers
  • I quit my job, took a break and started with a new company
  • I moved, tried new ventures and grew as a person
  • Put my 100% into Jesus, letting him take the wheel.

Big time growth year!

NOW onto the FUN stuff!
I obviously have a new look. This year calls for something a little more simplified. I wanted to streamline, incorporate my favorite color and use a loopy font. My fabulous friend, KIMMIE over at Sugar and Dots, is to THANK for yet another INCREDIBLE look! She is so dang good to me, my blog would be lost (and ugly) without her! Go over and give her some love! It isn't 100% complete as I still need to do my photo shoot so that I have updated pics on the masthead so that will change the look again slightly! Let me know what you think!

You may have noticed that I dropped "life" from my title. I felt like it pigeon holed my blog more than I liked. 'In the Fashion Lane' gives me a little more freedom to talk about life, love, loss, change or whatever I want. I view this blog as "my lane". In life we all take different paths that cross with others at different points. My hope with you visiting "my lane" you leave with something, anything! 

I also will have my own URL very soon!
I am excited to have my own place and piece of the internet world!

It wouldn't be a BLOGAVERSARY without some gifts!
OF course I am having a giveaway.
AND, if I do say so myself, it is pretty good!

Here is the deal...and I am going to be real ;)

I hate when people solicit followers. I am not going to ask you to follow me for the sake of having my "number" go up. I want you to follow if you like me, my style or what I have to say. That is it!  I want the winner to be someone who has been interactive with the blog and me. I have a lot of people that comment but don't follow and peeps that follow but don't comment. The only fair way to do this where I don't feel like I am being obnoxious is....

To be a follower and to leave a comment.
That's all.

In honor of all the changes this year, my new job and my blogaversary being in Fall...
I am giving away a pair of Kendra Scott 'Danielle' earrings and a $10 Starbucks gift card.

The winner will be able to choose their color :)

I will pick a winner on Sunday and post it one week from today on 10/17.
Good luck my followers and commenter's!!

Thank you for your support.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for the comments and feedback.
Thank you for accepting me!

This is an incredible journey!
I am SO blessed!


  1. CONGRATS on the blogaversary!!! and here is to many more :)

    Happy Monday!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Congrats Mandy!!!! I love everything you wrote about what you've realized in the last year, it's so inspiring. I love you, sweets!

  3. Congrats!!!!! Here's to many more successful years! :) Love you!

  4. How exciting!! 2 years!! :) Loving the new blog design and can't wait to see the photo shoot pics too!. Um.... and those earring? Amazing! Of course I follow you, always! LOL Keep doing what you do & I will keep reading :)

  5. congrats! I know you will only get more and more successful. So happy this blog brought us together x.

    these earrings are gorg!

  6. Congrats! I met you at Alissa's event at Nordstrom and have been following you ever since! Love those earrings - keep up the great work!!!

  7. Yay Mandy! Congratulations on your 2 yr anniversary! I read every post and make so many in store decisions based on your brave recommendations :)

    You are an inspiration in taking risks and following your heart. Love you!


  8. happy blogiversary!! i'm so happy i found your blog, i love your style, how you push to try new trends and combos, i love love love it!!

    great giveaway, please enter me!

  9. I am SO happy I found you yesterday! You are fabulous, and I greatly appreciate your unique perspective and beautiful blog! Congratulations!

  10. Happy Blogeversary! You're one of my few followers that Tweet back to me so I love how you are handling your give away! I'm taking notes :)

    Cheers to many more Blogeversaries!

    Kristen aka The Curvy Blonde

  11. Congrats on your success! Here's to many more successful years to come!

  12. congrats on your anniversary!!!! this earrings are to die for - thank you for the chance to win!

  13. Congratulations on your personal blog success! ;) I love the Danielle earrings and Kendra Scott. Best of luck to another great year!

  14. Congrats!! Love Kendra Scott and Starbucks!

  15. Congratulations on your success! Here's to wishing you many more prosperous years ahead! Cheers!

  16. Happy blogaversary!! Here's to many more to come! :)

  17. Happy Blogaversary!! I'm so happy for you! Best of luck!

    -at the Pink of Perfection

  18. i am about to come up on my 2 years too! congratulations :)

    officially now a follower (how was i not one before?!). love reading your stuff! xoxoxo

  19. Happy, happy blogaversary!! xoxoxo!

    angelfacedesigns AT gmail DOT com

  20. 1. happy blogaversary!!!!!!!!
    2. thank you for making this giveaway awesome and i better win (well...it would be nice...)
    3. thanks for making the giveaway international
    4. cheers to a new design (when it is all done of course!), URL, and many more fabulous posts to come!!!!!!

  21. Congrats! I'm so glad I found and connected with you :D

  22. Congrats Mandy on 2 years! I am so proud of you;) You truly inspire me xoxo

  23. happy blogoversary! I love blogging too, brought so much joy to my life and has really helped me shape a lot of the thoughts I have lingering through my head that mean more than I give them credit for. Love the new streamlined look! I love the earrings too... pick me!

  24. Mandy, ever since I found your bloggity blog I have been inspired to dress cute. I always felt that because I wasn't a size 2 I couldn't wear cute clothes. Thanks for getting me out of my frumpy phase and for being a great blogger!

    Happy Blogaversary!

  25. Congrats!! I love your blog : ) And I'm a huge fan of Kendra Scott-thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Happy Happy Joy Joy!! Congrats on the many moons of blogging! Love reading your blog each day/week and look forward to many more posts from you. :)

  27. I thought I was following you this WHOLE time...but realized I was just one of those who comment and dont follow :) I am new to this but I figured out how to follow you! Congrats on 2 years I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished and figured our about yourself. Cant wait to see what this year brings you :) xo

  28. You rock! Congratulations and here's to many, many more posts!

  29. Congrats! I love the earrings... hard to choose a color, so many great ones!

  30. Congrats on your two year blogaversary!!!! YAY!! I am so excited for you. Love the changes to the blog. Looks great! :)

  31. Happy Blogaversay!!

    We don't think of your give-a-way as a way to solicit followers. We think of it as a generous act of appreciation.

    Your growth is motivation to many that read and follow your blog. It is inspiring to me to read such a success story. My blog is new as well and I hope to find such loyal followers as you have.

    Thank you!!!

  32. I am new here to your little piece of heaven! Your blog is gorgeous!!!! You are a great writer!! You captured me, a complete random stranger, and i read multiple posts! Thanks for sticking to blogging for 2 years!!!!! Keep on keepin on for many many many more years!

    Brielle Dunham

  33. Happy Blogavesary friend!! How exciting!! I love your blog and you.


  34. Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off! I love this blog - it's giving me so many ideas!

    Tina Renee
    treneebarker at hotmail dot com


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