The "Mints"

I have to talk up the "Mints" for a minute. Many of us are part of Jewelmint (www.jewelmint.com) and Stylemint (www.stylemint.com). The "Mints" are a monthly service where you are given pieces that have been chosen for you based on your style. After looking at your options you can choose to buy them. You are not charged if you don't find something you love (just skip the month within the first 5 days and sit tight until the next month). I think it is a FAB service and the merchandise has been fantastic. Everyone should be a part of this fun and innovative way to shop.

I am sharing this all with you because a new "Mint" is starting this month. One of my style crushes, Rachel Bilson, and her stylist, Nicole Chavez, are the designers for Shoemint!! Shoemint has partnered with Steve Madden to bring us a monthly selection of shies for $79.99 a month!! I ask that you click the link below and sign up for exclusives and first looks of the newest addition to the "Mints" world. I am 99% sure that none of us will be disappointed.

Click here to sign up for Shoemint BEFORE everyone else!

Happy Friday, Friends!!

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  1. Oooh, that is so cool! WIshi it was a little bit cheaper, but for Steve Madden its worth it!


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