Fashionista Friday: Really Inspired

I have always loved the Olsen twins. More so as they have gotten older since I was forced to watch ALL of their videos when we were little. My baby sister Sam (she is the same age as them) watched them over and over and over again. They were cute but not THAT cute. HAHA.

I have really fallen in love with their style and this past month seeing pics of them have given me daily inspiration. I spent a couple hours the other night saving pics from olsensanonymous.blogspot.com and planning things in my head.

Here are my favorites...
(all pics from Olsensanonymous.blogspot.com)

Obsessed with MK's hair color and currently trying to achieve the look

I posted about my button up shirt yesterday and talked about loving the blue color I saw on the Ashley. These pics sent me on a search for the perfect match. I think I did it :)

I would LOVE to emulate these outfits.

Lastly...both girls have my love for leopard. They ROCK the leopard scarf.

Who is inspiring you these days? Are you like me and get obsessed with someone for weeks at a time?!?

MK and Ashley are true Fashionista's. I have so much respect for their business savvy minds and their personal style.

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  1. You really love the Olsens! Right now I am so inspired by Emma Stone. Every time I see her, I want her clothes. I have sort of a girl crush on her.

  2. These girls do really have amazing personal style. Although sometimes they wear some crazy/strange things you can tell they are always dressing in what they like not what someone told them to put on. I like the inspiration photos you picked! Loving Mary Kate(I think its her!) in the skirt look and then the leather leggings.

  3. I'm with ya! I think they're amazing and true style icons, I really, really love their looks and seeing what they put togetgher.

  4. I absolutely get obsessed with a vibe and someone for weeks! Its switches between Katie Holmes.,
    And Kate Hudsonof course! And Kourt K., Sienna M. Gwyen P.and Jen Anniston. Geese!


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