What I Wore: Buttoned up

I finally got the memo...
Over sized button ups are more comfortable than sweatshirts.
For real!!!

I have never been a huge fan of button ups. I don't know why but they seemed to be too preppy for me. But since I bought the two plaid shirts and my over sized white button ups from Old Navy I cannot stop wearing (or buying) them. 

Do you wear button ups? Am I way behind on realizing their amazingness??

This outfit is from last week (I am officially out of outfit pics. I need to take some the next few days or my blog will be BORING). I found this blue color (hard to tell in the pics BUT it is NOT chambray OR light blue. It is more cornflower blue) after obsessing over a pic of Ashley Olsen in the same color. I loved pairing this shade of blue with my tomato red Missoni jellies. These shoes are SO comfy. I love designer sales :) One thing that I always try to do when wearing such a masculine piece is wear something really girly. The bows on my shoes weren't enough to bring out the girliness in the outfit. I added a neutral bib necklace that really made the outfit pop. I loved this combo. Pretty, girly and so comfortable!

Buttoned up

 (These pics are from the day before the dye job)
What I Wore:
Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy (last year)
Shoes: Missoni 
Necklace: Tasha (from Nordstrom)


  1. Cute look. I am not a huge fan of buttoned ups because of fit issues, but I think I need to try them again because they look so chic on you.

  2. Love oversized button ups, I feel like I've gone on the hunt for a handful, so chic.

  3. I love the look of a button up, but I feel like they never look right on me! I've got to keep looking because this looks so good on you. LOVE with the pretty red jellies too. So cute!

  4. I love a button up shirt, I've got atleast 20+ in my closet in all different colours. I really like them because they're versatile, they look great with just about everything! So glad you discovered your 'inner preppiness' :)

  5. How cute! I love oversized button ups. Your right, they are so super comfortable. Your shoes are darling too. I love the little bows.

  6. i'm with ya!! I love my big button up, you look great and it looks very sophisticated.

  7. I LOVE loose button ups and have quite a few now! From my Target to LOFT and Ann Taylor to my thrifted one! They ARE like sweatshirts! lOL


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