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Today is one of those days when I have so much to say, have so many thoughts, ideas and opinions, but know that I probably shouldn't share them because I will piss people off! :p

Sometimes I find the blogging world a tad bit annoying. I feel like people lose sight of what the blogging platform is really about and worry too much about followers, content and people liking them (if I see one more tweet, banner or something written in the comments about "following via ..." i just may SCREAM) Blogging, to me, should be inspirational, real and honest. It is MY piece of the Internet world to talk about and share whatever I feel relevant. As I have taken the last week or two to step out of the blog world a little bit, I have seen the neurosis of it all. And to be honest I am not sure I like how it makes me feel.

With that said I am feeling over inspired. What I mean by that is I have too much going through my head, my eyes are seeing everything and I cannot process it all fast enough. I have so many blog/outfit ideas (yet it is to hot for me to actually want to wear anything since I sweat so much), my job has my brain swirling with new information and ideas I want to help cultivate and it is getting close to ACTUALLY picking tile, bathroom fixtures, curtains and all the other house stuff. So many great and exciting things that I cannot keep up on!!

So instead of an outfit post I have a few pictures for you. Hope you enjoy these quotes while my brain takes some time unwind ;)

(the first and third pics I saved from Facebook. I don't have the proper credits. Please let me know so I can site appropriately. The second pic is also from Facebook but was created by Kimmie at Sugar and Dots )

With this being a personal style blog I don't talk much about my life or my beliefs. I find it relevant to share that I would NEVER be able to post pictures of myself or express my dreams and desires if I wasn't confident in the person that God made me. As my relationship with the Lord has changed I know who I am in him.

Happy Tuesday Folks!

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  1. Happy Tuesday! I sometimes lose sight of why I started blogging but then I remember and am glad I am doing something I love.

  2. Awesome post! I feel the same way - I try not to talk about religion or politics when I blog, but often wonder if I should share with people? You did it so eloquently here...

  3. So glad you touched on our mutual distaste in the blogging "follow me" and contest giveaways -"if you follow me"!-crud that is happening in some places and such. I couldn't of said it better myself! Love you sister! Its not a contest! Its just a blog! Love u, Jess
    P.s. have fun with decorating! So happy for you!

  4. Thank you for sharing this! You said a lot of things that I felt when I started blogging and seeing what others were doing (as far as the follow me stuff)made me feel like I should be doing it too. Thankfully, I didn't because I don't want it to be like that. Im happy if people want to read and if they don't that's okay too. You said it perfectly with 'It is my piece of the internet world...'

    I am so excited for you that so many happy things are happening in your personal life!! :) Can't wait to hear more about it.

    These quotes, by the way, are great, especially #2. Gave me a smile!

  5. Thanks for posting. I've been in kind of a spiritual rut lately. The second picture speaks to me most (which is a tad weird). Honestly, thank you- I needed this :)


  6. I can relate to this on soooo many levels. So overwhelmed right now with ideas/busy with some many different parts of my life. And blogging is an escape but also part of the chaos. Guess it goes back to your physiological response to stress being the same whether it's good or bad stress. :) I've been SO disappointed by some of the bloggers I've encountered so far - but I've been so much more pleasantly surprised by so many more of them that I can say it is totally worth it. :)


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