What I Wore: Saturday Brunch

It is Monday again. Yay?
It has also been over a week since I posted an outfit.
As I mentioned yesterday I have been unpacking so I have been in work out clothes (which is ironic since I am in desperate need of a good gym sesh YET I just never drive myself there. Oops!). So I decided to get dressed for lunch on Saturday before I spent hours unpacking boxes.

I bought this romper for my trip to Cabo. I wore it in Cabo but hated the pics I took. So you are seeing it now. This was an easy outfit to throw on and I felt put together.

Brunching it up

What I Wore:
Romper: Target
Sandals: Steve Madden 'Gillie'
Belt: H&M
Sunnies: Chloe
Bracelet: Stein and Bly (from 2005. I found it in one of my boxes :))

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  1. This romper is super cute! Target?!?! I haven't been there in entirely too long apparently!! This is perfect for brunch!



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