Tuesday Travel Style {30}

I must be drawn to the Orange Birkin :)
(Kourtney was carrying it in Last Week's post)
This week's travelista is Eva Longoria (although I totally thought it was Kate Beckinsale at first glance). What originally drew me to this pic was her mix of High and Low in the bags that she is carrying. She has on the coveted Birkin along with a Coach carryall. I LOVE it!

{image via starstyleinc.com}

Eva's hair is ridiculously gorgeous. I want.
I really like how she wore basics but made it look special by choosing a trendy shade of gray in her jeans and a statement necklace. She made the outfit a little more summery with her sandals. This neutral color palette lets that amazing Birkin take center stage. I also DIED when I looked closely and saw that she was wearing not one but two Hermes bracelets that I wanted for my birthday! UGH! I LOVE those bracelets. Eva looks fresh and beautiful.


  1. she looks awesome in anything :) i love her gladiator sandals!

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. i love eva, she's always so gorgeous!

  3. i love the orange pop of color i am obsessed with Orange. Duh. Its the new pink. haha lol xo


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