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I haven't really gone anywhere lately to wear a fun, cute outfit that I could photograph. I also haven't been feeling that creative. I wanted to make sure and get a post in for the day so I thought I would show you some recent purchases. I have NO business buying things without having a job. But I couldn't help myself. Hopefully I have a reason to wear some of these things soon.

I picked up these pretty pink sandals from H&M. I am dying to wear then ASAP. I saw them on the H&M app (did you know they have an App for the iPhone/iPad?) a few weeks ago and favorited them. I'm so glad they had them in my size. I'm loving anything with Fringe. Anything.

I IMMEDIATELY bought this fun Free People top after seeing it on Caitlin of Candyfloss and Persie. She ROCKED the heck out of the shirt and I am hoping to look half as good as she does in it!

I had this blazer purchased months ago but I was put on a waiting list. It finally came. It is K-Dash and is the same print as the dress I wore here. I have been DYING for a subtle leopard print blazer since I saw Kim wearing THIS last year.

Last but not least I found these incredible shorts at Target (I bought them in black also). So comfy yet look so sophisticated on. I have so many outfits planned for these baby's.

Have you picked up anything that we all have to have?

I am so addicted to shopping. So!

Lovely ladies, and gents, only one more day until Friday. Woohoo!! Make it a GREAT day!

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  1. I've been shopping way too much too but I can't help it, summer clothes are so much fun! Especially when I don't get to wear them all year round like I used to. Speaking of..those shorts..NEED THEM!

  2. Fringe is the best! Leopard is rad, and im have on my list a crochet top! Im loving the Target shorts to ! Great post! Snakeskin is on my brain too.

  3. great buys! i saw those shorts at target and wanted them so bad, bu they didn't have my size :(

  4. so glad you checked out my blog so now i can check out yours! great shopping minds think alike - i need that leopard blazer and i ALREADY bought those fringe sandals!!!!


  5. ooooh I saw those shorts at target and wondered how they looked on - I bought similar ones from kohl's but I was more I think.

  6. um hello. what are you going to wear on MONDAY?!?!?!?! you + me = BRITNEY!!!!! i am going to get a new little something this weekend to wear. can NOT wait!!

  7. Ooo love those shoes! I saw a similar color in the Lauren Conrad collection, in a wedge at Kohl's. I think I need some a few items that color for my summer wardrobe!

    And theres that shirt. GOSH.. I really really like that shirt! :)


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