Step away...

...from the Tweezers!

I am about to COMPLETELY embarrass myself.
I am going back, way back to 2003.
And showing you all my TRAGIC eye brows.

I am hoping to get you all to understand the importance of learning HOW to do your eye brows from a professional and that skinny is NOT good for the brows.

The Photo Gallery
(Yikes! I cannot believe I am showing you these pics.)

2003 and 2004

Brows are non existent, uneven, anorexic and just UGLY!

2005 and 2006

Clearly I like the surprised look and am digging a High Arch. And really??? How did I manage to be even thinner in 2006?

2007 and 2008

In 2007 my brows were scared of each other. I mean, HOW much space between them did I need? Luckily in 2008 I realized I needed some hair in the grand canyon and you can see the growth.


The year that I decided to GROW out my brows.
Then groom them myself.

Left Pic: January 2010
I clearly thinned my brows out again...but they weren't anorexic

Right Pic: May 2010
Starting to grow the inner brows a little thicker while maintaining a high arch

Left pic: September 2010
Good solid shape, like my arch, brows pretty even

Right pic: December 2010
Brows maintained for three months.

In early 2011 I was ready to put down my tweezers, see a professional, wax and use product.
 Left Pic: February 2011
I saw my brow lady for the first time a couple days before this pic. Waxed and using product. Working on GROWING in more of my brows. Was told NO plucking. Period.

Right Pic: March 2011
LOVING my brows. Still slim but great shape. I have learned how the brows REALLY shape the face and highlight the eyes.

Left Pic: April 2011
I was out on leave and had not had my eyebrows done in about 4 weeks. A little big but pretty and full.

Right Pic: May 2011
Finally had my brows done the day before. Hair is all starting to grow in the same direction.

June 2011

And a pic from a few days ago. It has been five months and I feel like I am getting better and batter at maintaining the brows. I LOVE using product and I only pluck the very random strays.

If I can give you any advice it would be to break up with your tweezers. I did, and I could not be happier.

I see an Anastasia waxer at my local Nordstrom.
I use all of the Anastasia products and I cannot get enough of them. I have the powder, pencil, highlighter and tinted brow gel along with the stencils (which have been a life saver).

Leave a comment if you have any questions!
This has been an amazing process that has taken restraint (from plucking) and patience! But I LOVE my brows now! LOVE!


  1. You have very, very good brows. Here's the thing, what if your brows are skinny to begin with and not that thick, as thick as yours? What then? Any suggestions to give the, shape but not make them look anorexic?

  2. Wow, what a transformation Mandy!! Thank you for being brave enough to show your pics, alot of women are too vain to do that. All that said, your brows are fabulous!! I've always been too scared to use product and too lazy to get them professionally done. So I haphazardly pluck lol. I am going to seek out some 'help' now! Thank you so much for your inspiring and very informative post!

  3. Thanks ladies! I didn't realize how bad it was until I started going through my pics!

    If you have naturally skinny brows, do not fret, you work with what you have. BUT there is a Brow enhancing serum to help stimulate growth. I use it on my "grand canyon" since hair doesn't grow in that area. It takes a few weeks to see the difference but it helps! I would try it. ALSO brow product REALLY makes the difference. I have a couple sparse spots that you would never know that I had.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for the comments!

  4. i don't know how you tweezed yourself.. i could never do it. i always plucked 2 or 3 and then couldn't do it anymore. waxing is way better and less painful.

    xo katie elizabeth

  5. amazing post! so true , that brows frame the face and baaahaaa about the my brows are scared of each other! I hate that when they seem to run from one another. I love Anastasia such great advice.

  6. I love the thicker brows. When I saw Ashley Olsen, she had no makeup on but just had her brows thick and bold. It looked beautiful and I've been lusting after them since. I need to go see a waxer and get a better shape going on. Maybe I should try those products too?

  7. Agh I love your brows, mine are annoying because my darn 'beauty mark' - makes them uneven...I'm jealous!

  8. what a great post! I have pictures of myself in high school where I SWEAR my eye brows were only like 2 hairs high SCAREY! Definitely over tweezed! Mine are finally looking better, but only because I'm too lazy to pluck or get waxed! haha

  9. I love thicker brows. I too, as many women I think had the "skinny" look for years. I think years ago a lot of us thought it was the in thing to do..

    I have grown mine out thicker.. well as thick as they will go. Hypothyroid kills the eyebrows. One symptom is thinking of the inner and outer brows - so frankly Im jealous of your darn eyebrows ;) I work with what I can, I never need tweezers and get a wax every few months for shape... and again thank God for eyebrow shadows and gels!


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