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Well folks, after a month off, I am back at work today. Bittersweet. I have to work. Plain and simple. I'm not married, I'm educated and I like to live a certain lifestyle. I used to live to work. It was my life. It consumed me. And for many years, I LOVED it. I wish I could say that I still had that fire. The passion. But I made a big work change in January and I have honestly felt a little lost since. I'm trying to figure out what I should do and what I am passionate about. It's taking a little longer than I had hoped but I think I am on my way. So today I am working a job (no longer a job that is my career) until I find something that means I get to "work to live".

Ok that was heavy for a Monday...but I have one more heavy thing that has to be documented.

Osama Bin Ladin. Is dead. While I feel relieved and that many families now have justice it is hard to rejoice in someone's death. It feels wrong. I know he did the most horrendous thing possible, that he continued to plot and plan to destroy Americans and our safety, that he has trained many people to continue his plan and that he is pure evil. He got what he deserved. But we are not out of the woods. We still aren't "safe". I want to THANK the men and women who have served and who continue to serve. This is YOUR moment. And I am forever grateful. I will continue to PRAY for the lord still has his hand on our Country.

This is a fashion blog, I will get back to the "fun" stuff now. Thank you for hearing me out. This series is about sharing my thoughts, feelings and findings. So I feel I'm within my right ;)

So...who checked out the Calypso St. Barths for Target? I did. And there was some cute things. I wasn't super impressed with the clothes, I did pick up the crocheted, tye dye tunic. The lingerie was darling and I bought a cute lime green set. And I LOVED the kitchen ware. I bought some plates, bowls, tumblers and the darling elephant tea pot. I love how the line had something in every area. I really wanted to buy the pouf but I don't have any idea where I would use it. So I passed. And I will probably be upset with myself later. What did you get??

I am pretty much obsessed with all things royal. And like 2 billion other people I stayed up all night to watch the Royal Wedding (I have a separate post for later this week. I'm excited). First let me say that I about DIED when I saw Kate's dress. Amazing. And the fact that it was designed by Sarah Burton for McQueen means so much. I am the biggest dork and went out to buy the Essie nail polish that Kate wore on her big day. Yes, yes I did. It is called "Allure" if anyone wants to go buy it too! I know I'm not the only one...

I haven't shopped much. Hard to believe, I know. But between the surgery, Cabo and recovering I haven't been out much. And being on disability does not help with the cash flow. But I found to new hair products that I have to tell you all about. They are at your local drugstore and cheap. Both under five bucks.
- Garnier Fructis nutrient spray. It nourishes and shines. I use it with the Garnier leave in conditioner (I mentioned it in my beachy waves post) and my hair has NEVER been softer.
- Aussie 3 minute miracle. This is a conditioner that I use once or twice a week. It smells like vacation in a bottle and I swear I saw a difference after one use.

Well that about sums up my week. Happy Monday!

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