Best Birthday Present: Meeting Nicole Richie (and seeing my nephew)

I turned a year older.
I can't help but wish the time would start going backwards.
You can tell I wasn't super into this bday as I didn't shamelessly self promote the day for weeks in advance. It was an great day, I have no complaints. I decided to work that day since Nicole Richie was doing a personal appearance in the store I work in and I was DYING to see her in real life. That was only the SECOND time I have worked on my birthday. Crazy, huh!?!
Nicole was really nice to me! She is a lot quieter than I expected. She tends to have a pretty outgoing persona on TV and even over Twitter so that surprised me. She is beautiful, looks just like her pictures and she is tiny. She was sitting behind a table and no one was allowed to go behind it. She told me I looked really cute (made my WHOLE day. I was wearing Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960). I told her that it was my Birthday and that I worked that day just to meet her. She said that I was crazy. Haha. She signed her card with Birthday wishes and told me to have a great birthday and I was on my way!

I didn't take a bunch of pictures of her just sitting there. I thought that was kind of weird. I have the pic of her posing and a pic with me in it!

I got to meet up with most of my family for dinner.
We miss you, Sam!
The big surprise was that I got to see my nephew!!
And he looked very stylish!
Check him out...
I DIE when I look at this pic. He is big pimpin'. Haha.
Check out his watch (it is a screen print on his shirt).
It looks like his Auntie's (check out the pic below)

My mellow birthday was perfect!
I am sure you can see why!


  1. What a great birthday treat! I am like you, I 'plug' my birthday for the month pior! LOL Ps... It is June 14th! LOL
    I love your nephews cheeks!

  2. omg so awesome that you got to meet her AND see your fam. Love that little watch tee your nephew is wearing!

  3. Sweet, you look like you had a good birthday - and I love your shirt, you look very pretty :)


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