Mugshot Monday {6}

Happy Monday!

I am on a leave of absence for a few weeks, so it is weird that I am not at work. Which enables me to get some work done on the condo (slowly but surely as the pain has not gone away. Boo) Getting things done means putting clothes away, throwing away old things, transferring the bills into my name and setting up cable. My cable is being hooked up today and I bought a brand new, very large TV. I have it all set up so that the cable guy can go ahead and hook up HD, DVR and the cable box.

Having cable means that...It is all about The Kennedy's tonight. Yes...a day a late, and my fingers crossed that I have the Reelz channel. I cannot wait to see the costumes that Katie Holmes wears as Jackie O. I read so many GOOD reviews on Twitter so I am anxiously awaiting 8pm.

On to Mugshot Monday.
Today's gorgeous mug is a look from Awards Season.
Mila Kunis has been acting for years but got so many accolades in her supporting role in Black Swan.
I think that she is so drop dead gorgeous.
I think that this look from the SAG awards is one of my all time favorites.

{image via myfashionaddictions.blogspot.com}

She looks naturally beautiful.
The smokey brown eye makes her Brown eyes pop.
Her hair has in an incredible shine and her waves are perfect.
The make up was kept simple as she was wearing a to die for Alexander McQueen strapless red dress. I would have worn that dress as my wedding dress regardless of the color, it was that fantastic. Mila wore the most amazing dresses all Awards season long. She is beautiful.


  1. Love this picture of her. She is so beautiful. I so need to see The Black Swan!

  2. She looks insanely gorgeous! Her eye makeup, her hair... Perfection!!

  3. Yes she is beautiful! This pic is fantastic. That dress was the best on the carpet that day!!



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