Tuesday Travel Style {23}

I have written about Ashley Tisdale numerous times.
I love her carefree, boho, hippy-ish style.
She is hardly seen wearing what everyone else is, yet has a deep love for all things Louis Vuitton.
She is eclectic and I wish I could be that care free in my personal style.

Ashley is on the show 'Hellcats' and it is filmed in Vancouver, Canada. I have never seen the show.
She travels every week when filming.

I love these looks from this past February.

{all images via starstyleinc.com and justjared.com}

She knows how to travel.
She is the master of layers.
She always looks chic.

Plus, I love that she brings her dog every where.
Maui travels in style in her LV dog carrier.

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  1. i was actually thinking about what the magazine editors think is best to travel in. i dress for comfort, not a layout! i like ashley and agree w/ your comments.



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