Spring Shopping List

I am very fortunate and blessed to have a very full closet of clothes, accessories, shoes and handbags. I will be the first to say that I do not need anything. I really don't. This has become even clearer as I am putting together my closet and can see every single article of clothing I own.

I love to make sure that I am trend right.
I don't spend a lot of money on these pieces.
As the weather gets nicer and the sun stays out I just want to add a couple of things to my wardrobe.

The three things are:
- Tweed Jacket

Similar to this one...
Once again, Blair, of Atlantic-Pacific
I cannot get enough of her looks. All of them. I am a crazy blog stalker right now.

- Wedges

I L-O-V-E wedges. Love. I quite a few different pairs.
I have these two pics from my iPhone that I have to find.

Blake Lively in People Style Watch magazine. They are Louboutin's. I love the sides. They are different. Special.

Seven for All Mankind AD from April InStyle magazine.
I want this exact shoe. I love how there is a strap at the toes and that the back encloses your heel. Most wedges just have the toe strap, or have some sort of buckle. These are different, special AND affordable. I LOVE! I mean, really, these shoes are the above Louboutin's with out the buckle. I just realized that. SEE I definitely love this style.

- Leopard pencil skirt

I know, I know...more leopard?
It completes me. And I actually do not own a leopard print skirt. I am in search of one that fits per-fect-ly. Not an easy feat for this apple shaped body.

iPhone pic from April InStyle magazine.
The skirt is Dolce and Gabanna. It retails for $750. A little out of my price range. I ADORE how she mixed her prints. I have seen a lot of blogger's doing this as well. I want to too!

Jessica from What I Wore was one of the first Fashion Blogger's I started to really follow. She is quirky and has really been dressing differently lately (when I first started reading she was very feminine, vintage, lots of full skirted dresses, sixties kind of a girl). I loved this ensemble that she put together. I never realized HOW versatile Chambray shirts could be. I <3 this look. I want to emulate it.

Taylor of Sterling Style is darling. She is a San Francisco based blogger that I am quickly becoming enamored with. She is one of the blogger's that mixed her prints... and comes up with fantastic combos.

{all pics are from the websites listed and/or my iPhone}

That is my list.
Three things.
I am super proud of ME! Haha.
I have budgeted to pick up these three items when I find them. Other than that I am really, really, really going to try hard to not buy things that I do not need.

Wish me luck!

What is on your Spring Shopping List??
Please share, I love to be inspired...

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  1. Omg I used to have this exact skirt when I ws


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