Mugshot Monday {4}

In all honesty I don't think that I have ever seen Mary Kate Olsen look more beautiful than she does in this picture.

{image via olsensanonymous.blogspot.com}

Her face is pure perfection in this picture.
I want someone to do my make up like this every day of my life.
Flawless skin, Brown smokey eyes and nude lips is just the ultimate glam look.

I am NOT a fan of lipstick. I do not wear every day, I forget to reapply if I do and I hate having to be careful when wearing it.
I use rosebud salve and aquafor to give my lips some shine.
I do have a weird lip gloss obsession. I probably have 30 but I only wear gloss once or twice a week. Seriously.

Ok...that was a long tangent. Back to MK.
She is gorgeous (when she wants to be).
She has amazing eyebrows and cheek bones.

I may be loving her leopard Louis scarf too....

And that is the mug of the week.


  1. She looks GORGEOUS! Her eyebrows look perfect. And I want that scarf and those rings too!

  2. Love it, her hair always reminds me of my unruly mess :)

  3. perfection for sure! happy Monday!


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