What I Wore: a Military Genie???

I don't know about you but I base at least half of my outfits around my shoes. I just love my shoes and they inspire me.
One of the first things that I bought are THESE shoes that I blogged about in July. They are 40% off (plus my discount) at Nordy's. I got them for almost 65% off. WOOHOO. Patience paid off. Anyways...I have a pair of harem pants that I thought would look good paired with my Military jacket. I knew that the shoes would soften and dress up the more casual pieces. I LOVED the look. LOVED.

I'm a Genie is a bottle, baby...

TTwo posts in a row of outside pics...I am getting braver :)

What I Wore:
Top: Gap crew neck favorite tee
Harem pants: Seventy Two changes
Military jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: DVF
Necklace: Kardashian's for Virgins, Saints and Angels (VSA)
Watch: MMK
Glasses: Oliver Peoples

P.S. My messy bun was courtesy of the Bun Tutorial by Sydney at The Daybook and mimicked from SJP in old Sex and the City reruns.

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  1. Great outfit! I love, love, love the wedges! Such a great deal too!


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